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Tennu Brahma Vishnu Ganesh Kahoon? Mahadev kahoon Bhagwaan Kahoon?

I feel angry, and I feel frustrated, and I feel restless and ...

then I hear something that makes me forget everything!!!!

Irrespective of how much hatred I have about Pakistan and what it does, I cannot stop admiring some people that I know from there, and the music that originates from it! Also I just cannot stop thinking that in the past, it has been a part of India only and the two countries share so much of history. No I am not a advocate of peace, and I firmly believe that if someone slaps you in the face, you should take his hand off, and while I cannot stop myself from getting frustrated about everything, there is little I can do to change the situation.

At times like this, I usually find something that balances my anger with admiration and respect. Arieb Azhar is a Pakistani Artist, who has rendered this Kafi written by Khwaja Ghulam Farid in a way that it can reach your heart if you open up to it. A Kafi is a form of Sufi classical poetry, and needless to say, has the amazing element of romance which I do not find anywhere else!!! Sufi poets have always treated God as someone they are in love with, and have wondered about the beauty of God through the soul touching words they left behind!

Enough of text now! enjoy Husn e Haqiqi !!!

If you'd like the mp3 of this video, write to me with your email address and I shall send it to you. I am reachable @ prashanbhardwaj [at] gmail

Husn e Haqiqi :

Aye husn haqiqi noor-e-azal
tanuu wajib tay imkan kahoon

tanuu khaliq zaat qadeem kahoon
tanuu hadis khalq jahan kahoon
tanu mutlaq mahaz wajood kahoon
tanuu almiaa ayaan kahoon

tanuu aien haqeeqat maheeat
tanuu arrz sifat tay shaan kahoon
anwa kahoon ozhaf kahoon
atwar kahoon, ozaan kahoon

tanuu arsh kahoon, ablag kahoon
tanuu naaz naeem janaan kahoon
tanuu takhat jamat na baad kahon
haywaan kahoon, insan kahoon

tanuu masjid mandar dayer kahoon
tanuu kothi tay koran kahoon
tanuu masjid mandar dayer kahoon
tanuu kothi tay koran kahoon
tasbeeh kahoon, zunda kahoon
Tanuu kufar kahoon emaan khaoo

tanuu badal barkha dajj kahoon
tanuu bijli ta baran kahoon
tanuu aab kahoon
tanuu khak kahoon
tanuu baad kahoon weeran kahoon

tanuu dsurat lejman ram kahoon
tanuu seeta ji janan kahoon
baldev ja souta nand kahoon
tanuu kishn kahenaya kan kahoon

tanuu bhrama vishn ghanish kahoon
mahadev kahoon, bahgwan kahoon
tanuu geet granth te ved kahoon
tanuu gyann kahoon agyan kahoon

tanuu ibrahim hawahishees kahoon
tanuu nooh kahoon toofan kahoon
tanuu ibrahim khalil kahoon
tanuu moosa bin imran kahoon
tanuu har dil da dildar kahoon
tanuu ahmad aali shaan kahoon

tanuu shahid malk hijaz kahoon
tanuu baies kaun makaan kahoon
tanuu nazz kahoon andaaz kahoon
tanuu hoor pari walmaan kahoon

tanuu nauog kahoon
tanuu toug kahoon
tanuu surkhee bedaaa paan kahoon
tanuu tabla tay tamboor kahoon
tanuu dholak sur tay tan kahoon

tanuu husn-te har singhar kahoon
tanuu ashawa ghamza aan kahoon
tanuu ishq kahoon
tanuu illam kahoon
tanuu waham yakin gumaan kahoon

tanuu husane da ve idrrak kahoon
tanuu zouk kahoon wajhdan kahoon
tanuu sadar kahoon, sadraan kahoon
tanuu hairat tay hairaan kahoon

tasleem kahoon, talveen kahoon
tmkeen kahoon, irfan kahoon
tanuu sumbal soo sand sard kahoon
tanuu nargis nafarman kahoon

tanuu lale adaagh ta bagh kahoon
gulzar kahoon, bustaan kahoon
tanuu lale adaagh ta bagh kahoon
gulzar kahoon, ustaan kahoon
tanuu khanjar teer toofang kahoon
tanuu barcha baang sanaan kahoon
tanuu teer fairang kaamaan kahoon
soofar kahoon, beekan kahoon

berang kahoon, bemisal kahoon
besurroot har har aan kahoon
sukdoor kahoon, qudooos kahoon
rehman kahoon, subhan kahoon

Aray tobaa dard Farid sadaaa…
Har shea nu par Nuksaan kahoon

tanuu bohut alag be aib kahoon
tanuu haq be naam nishaan kahoon
tanuu bohut alag be aib kahoon
tanuu haq be naam nishaan kahoon …


  1. Beautiful thoughts...

    Very nice piece, he's got a crisp voice...and the music is soothing.

    Send me the mp3 please.

  2. This is beautiful. Very beautiful.

    Sufi poetry, music, singers never fail to amaze me.. I have always been a big fan...admirer of sufi poetry and singers.
    I think, they have power to make you go through something what is called 'out of body experience'. I have experienced it a number of times while listening Sufi songs.

    I don't know if you are already aware of this but just in case not then FYI - Rumi Foundation (head by Muzzafar Ali) hosts an International Sufi Festival every year...btwn feb-april in Delhi. They get Sufi artits (including the great Abida Parveen) from different parts of the world to perform. Sufi music lovers travel from all corners of the world to attend it. It is one event that I really, really look fwd to attend every year.
    If you ever get a chance, attend it. You''l love it.

    Can you please email the mp3 file to me?

  3. Wow..that was fresh and intresting..I always that sufi was a pakistani form of music,which talked about your love with Allah..but this was somthing else,it talked about all the Hindu gods!
    The lyrics you posted ,helped me a lot understand the song.
    Thanks for sharing it PB!!

  4. oops apologies.."that" = "thought"

  5. i tried emailing your about the mp3 of this song. there seems to be a problem in the email addres..

  6. @ Jas
    thanks! Hope the mp3 is with you now

    @ Swati
    it does bring you close to an out of body experience!

    I know about that festival! sometime soon maybe!

    Mp3 is on its way

    @ Reetika
    you are welcome. glad you liked it

    @ Vaishali
    Sufi Music was born much before Pakistan was, I would think twice before calling it Pakistani Music :) the that is the reason why it does not really differentiate between Islam or Hinduism! Its heavy on Urdu and Punjabi in terms of lyrics though!

    @ Amrita
    its prashantbhardwaj at gmail dot com... try again please. I shall send you the mp3