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Hello Ween!

Ok Day at work on Friday

Bad Evening with a repeat muscle pull... and temporary reduction of movement around the house for a few hours with much uncomfortable pain!!!

Worse Evening with a totally ridiculous movie called "Management"... what a piece of crap!!!

Better ending to the day... sleeping while some movie is on... not even realizing when you slide into a deep sleep is one of the nicer ways to fall asleep!

Not so good start to the day... waking up because of a strange dream at 4 in the morning...

And making it better by spending the day at The Office (watching all 28 episodes of season 5 back to back, with a Japanese movie for a break), getting a 1965 edition of a photography magazine, and buying a Tie for myself.

So all in all, this Halloween turned out to be full of Tricks and Treats for me!!!! purrfect!!!

Happy Halloween Everyone, from the Chaiwala, and the Chai Ki Dukaan!

The Pumpkin I carved for the Halloween!


  1. U gotta take care of that muscle pull!

    28 episodes of The Office back to back!!!!

    The pumpkin photos are great, they are actually freaking me out!

    So you wanna tell the story of the "Management" movie????

  2. Oh ho..vaapis ho gaya muscle pull..its annoying and hurting..u better be taking care of urself!!

    and so much done in one day..wow..

    That Pumpkin u carved is very cute..smily sa cute sa..not scary at all !!

  3. Take care karo. Proper wala. And don't put your muscles to sleep while watching movies. Not really the best way to sleep.

  4. eeeee I so love eet! Happy Halloween :) from T-wali

  5. pumpkin ke daant kahan hain ji ,buddha pumpkin :)...

  6. @ Jas
    yea... I gotta do that !!! its fine now, but will be careful...

    yup... the whole season 5!

    Management! right!

    @ Vaishali
    haan yaar... i am not sure if its totally taken care of or not... lets see...

    thanks :)

    @ Richa
    will do....

    mujhe tera comment samajh nahin aaya!!! i meant that I sleep without realising that I am sliding into sleep...

    @ Taniya
    happy halloween to you too!!!

    @ Geet
    tu daanto ke saath paida hui thi kya? it is a kid pumpkin!!! abhi daant nahin aaye!

  7. arre yaar, thoda dhyaan se raho,Omzi.

    So, did you carve that pumpkin? I like the pics...lovely glow :)

    please take good care of yourself :)

  8. aur...chai ki dukaan thodi badli badli si lag rahi hai? layout main changes kare hain na?

  9. @ Swati
    will do! thanks!

    Yea, I did carve that pumpkin! it was fun!

    yea, I changed the banner of the blog! no changes in the layout!