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A girl A boy and A planet

"I am a star, a rock star", she said!

"Maybe more than that, maybe a real star", he said.

"And I am out of this world", she said

"Maybe then you need to have a place to stay outside this world too", he said

"I think so too", she said

"Maybe I will make a planet for you, and you could stay there", he said

"Fantastic", she said

"And I will name it after you", he said

"No name it after yourself", she said

"Kabhi ghar ke upar contractor ya architect ka naam dekha hai likha hua? tere naam par hona chahiye naam.", he said

"Rahega na tu thekedaar aur architect hi... tujhe artist nahin ban-na lagta hai kabhi. Ghonchu", she said

“umm… umm… hmm…. Arre par… agar… magar… “,he said and mumbled

“Michelangelo ka kaam kahin bhi rahe, Michelangelo hi kehlaata hai”, she said

“Baat to sahi hai teri! Seekhna padega”, he said

“Chal ab planet bana aur naam rakh”, she said

“Par main naam phir bhi tere upar hi rakhunga”, he said

“achcha achcha ghonchu”, she said

So he spent the days and weeks and months making a planet for her, and when it was ready, he spent days on the name… what could the name be!!! What was it that was the most important for him about her for her about him for them about this and what not…

He finally decided that her planet would be called “Fiducia”

and the people on her planet would be called Fiducians,

He never knew if she liked the name or not, but when he told her about the names, she said “Love you!”, and he said “Love you too”, and she said “As if you have a choice!”


  1. love it..
    naming a planet!! moving to "sci-fi"!!;))

  2. I am so tewmpted to go 'aww' but no 'awwing' on chai ki dukaan :P

    I really love the story :)

  3. Had only thought about naming a star, after the one you love..but naming a planet is dirrerent,its wow!!
    Its so cute!!

  4. badi hat ke post hai .. hmm.. thodi chic flicish hai .. nahin ?

  5. Compliments to "The Boy" and his work!

    From -
    The Queen of Fiducia ;) :]

  6. Wow..Beauty of the post is Conversation thru wich love is spilled continuously...

    Really!! i liked it very much...

    Especially the planet name and the way the girl says.."as if you have a choice "


    Seems like u write everyday..daily blogger huh?

    See you around sometime over my blog.


  7. interesting...looks like you like giving names...

  8. so romantic!!

    wish the fiducians a very happy dwelling on planet fiducia :)

  9. someone is falling in love with a Fudician...... :P !!

    and becoming a Fudan (human) :)

  10. @ WisheGalore
    :) yea sci-fi

    @ Swati
    aww? really!!!!


    @ Vaishali
    :) hehe... star par rehna bada mushkil hai... its all fire and things..

    @ Iya
    chic flic kya hoti hai re? thoda samjha phir catagorize karunga!

    @ Anony
    all hail the queen :P

    @ Mahesh

    i do not like to call myself a blogger! and daily! not really...

    @ J
    i think so too...

    Ram Prasad, Lakshman Prasad, Radha, Murari, Shambhu, are a few :)

    @ Mayuri

    @ Tanu
    read the last line, what you are concluding has already happened... even before the planet was made :P

    super fudan is better :P

  11. shambhu ji ka intezaar to ab mujh bi hai..

    i do like the names you choose :) , feducia- would be trust right....some one who evokes confidence ...v nice :)

  12. You write the sweetest things sometimes.. :)