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Waiting for God to do something!

My heart was bleeding while I was watching this!!! and at the same time, I am feeling like an idiot being from a country where leaders are completely incapable of anything!!!! I am feel so disturbed, that I do not know what to write!!!

Can't even thank Geet for sending this link to me!!!

Does it fkking matter if the attack was on Mumbai or Bombay? on a Maharashtrian or a Bengali or a Bihari? It does not, but no... our politicians have much better things to do than putting their foot down against terrorism!!!

Make their sculptures
Win elections with the tax payers money
Throw anyone who is not a Marathi Manus out of the state
Burn trains and buses
Point fingers at fellow politicians
Object to twitter and business class travel
and what not!!!!

Is keeping the country and people, who vote for such bastards, safe a part of anyone's agenda? I guess not!

And why just Indian Leadership, even the US continues to pump billions of dollars in the name of development, into countries where the only development is probably developing terror!!!

Damn it!!!!


  1. Whhoppss..You are sooo angry!! You know, living in India and witnessing poverty on one side of the road and Mayawati statues on the other side makes my blood boil..
    I visited Lucknow recently and the condition there is beyon explaination, she recently demolished a children's park,and again for some arbit stuff of hers..

  2. the feeling is same here :(...

    sometimes i feel there should be a kranti like 1857 where normal junta put all the neta's behind the bars till new govt is formed maybe with the help of our army and airforce,against curropt police and netas!
    i dream of it very frequently!

  3. Horrible it is..but India ka sachi kuch hone waala nahin..ek-do RDB jaisi movies aa jaati hain,to sab log movie aa jaati hai to sab motivate ho jaate hain..thode din baad its all back to normal..

  4. I wish..at lesat few dozen some high profile politician should have been killed.may be then they would have awoken from the deep slumber ....

    India is indded just "Ram Bhadose"...look what Koda did..what others are doing..will we ever ever learn ?

  5. the video is not playing for some reason.
    Can you please share the link?

  6. Swati check the link

  7. Soon, soon I go back to India. I wish I had been born in this great warm embrace!

    By the way....yes yes yes your blog is filled up with wonderful inspiring reading.

    Here is a footprint from me in Sweden!

    Peace & Love


  8. I shuddered when I heard that guy shoot his hostage

    You should read that book you brought last time.

  9. just some food for thought

    before that let me clarify that i have not seen but the beginning few seconds of the video posted and did not wish to continue watching either, have imagined what it is from the comments ...if any thing is written contrary, please forgive my ignorance....

    - how do terrorist groups...brainwash 'terrorists' ...by showing them repeatedly the wrong done to them, through movies, images etc amongst a host of other things...they use anger, hate, take advantage of, feed on a person' hopelessness and frustration and by means of violence give hope, and a sense of empowerment...

    - how does one stop a rolling ball....science tells you that by applying a opposite and equal force the ball can be brought to a stop.....what would be an opposite force to the above mentioned force of hatred and anger......and the magnitude of this opposing force would need to be huge....

    -you have illustrated this in your next post very beautifully....by neutralising your anger, for the moment...by applying an opposing force

    ......don't have to agree to what i write ....but do give it a thought with an open mind....

    politicians....we get what we deserve...what we are entitled to...they just reflect who we are, as a people ...they are one of us....we are a selfish and greedy and self centered bunch of people....

    if we want something better we need to change who we are.....our shadow reflects our own body..if the body is crooked ..the shadow cannot possible be straight...it is a waste of time to curse and wait for it some day to straighten....so is our environment a reflection of our self...

  10. @ Sam
    yea I was angry!!! feeling much better now :)

    @ Geet
    hmm... Kranti!!! true!!! i doubt if anyone in India has balls to do that!

    @ Vaishali
    You and me are one of those who forget!!! we are equally to blame!!

    @ FighterJet
    Amen to the first few lines...

    RamBharose is an apt word!

    I saw your blog... very beautiful! thanks for visiting!!!

    @ Burf
    theek hai bhai... will try to read

    @ J
    What you said makes sense, however it translates into things which are not doable by humans!!!

    If someone is out there killing people mercilessly, going to him and showering him with love is not going to resolve anything... It needs to be stopped, that man killed! or taken somewhere and kept there forever!

    I very strongly disagree when you make a blanket statement about us getting what we deserve in terms of leadership of the country!!! Its too big a generalization, and I do not think I would agree to it!