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At the elevator doors!

It was 6 in the evening...

He pressed the button for the lobby....

She pressed the button for the 12th floor....

Her elevator door opened first... She spoke with a sparkle in her voice,"I Win, but you are going the right way"

Li'il did she know, it was his last day at work... he was asked to leave!


  1. Ohh..that was happily sad..pehle to sweet sweet lag raha tha..and then,sad hai ;-((

  2. he was asked to leave -

    and join the company head office, with a promotion and double the current salary...in his most favorite city in the world...

    yeah...he was going the right way alright... ;)

  3. hmm...
    i feel the the girl at the elevator was right...he was going the right way - his way, the right way :)

    nicely written story :)