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What's the Point?

This question at times stares me in the face...

Whats the point?

~ In thinking of a day after tomorrow when you are not even sure what happens tomorrow?

~ In thinking of a dream you have, when you know the reality today is a different world from you dream?

~ In giving yourself a hope, a reason to live through today and tomorrow and day after with all that you have?

Right, whats the point? in trying, if you know nothing is going to happen right away?

I don't know whats the point!!!

and I don't know what to say, when someone asks me this question, Whats the point Prashant?

Thankfully I don't ask this question a lot... I think there is a point... if I believe in something, I don't care if it happens today or tomorrow... I will still give it what I can... I will live with some faith, some hope.. and I would make an effort... and not back off by asking myself whats the point !!!

Today I am closer to a few dreams that have been a part of my days, thanks to not letting this question contol my actions !!!

Thank you Uncle God for making me feel that There IS a Point !!! Just keep letting me hold on to that small thing called FAITH, even if I have darkness right in front !!!


  1. Often times, we refrain ourselves by doing things that we want to because at the back of our minds that very question plays on and on - that's not called living Prashant. Even before we step into something, we want to know what will we derive out of it. Certain dreams, certain hopes, certains feelings, and certain behaviours are way up and beyond this question. You have got to let it flow. Do what you want to do but at the same time, be sure to be accountable for what you get. That should be the spirit and that's life. Life is anyway to LIVE and DREAM and CHERISH what you get. :-)

  2. "Whats the point? In trying, if you know nothing is going to happen right away?"

    But if you don't try and hope and dream...it may just never happen!!

  3. # That was it...

    exactly my POINT :D

    kal kya hoga kisko pata... lekin hoga bhi wahi jo chahoge aur wo bhi tab when you work towards it... one cannot just step back saying that whats the point, and not do anything about it..

    # ~S...
    oh he will... apni setting hai unke saath :D

    # Sakshi...
    egg-jack-tly :D

    a lot of things don't happen because we never made an effort... and at the end of the day, we seem to be proving ourselves right... dekha maine kaha thaa ke whats the point..

    arre koi effort maaroge to kuch hoga na :) whats the points bol kar back out karoge to thodehi kuch milega :)

  4. I am also going through the same emotions, bro... wish I knew the answer.

  5. @ Subbu...

    Ok now that you asked... here is the point in what you did Subbu...

    1. You took a step that most of us can only dream of !!!
    2. You managed to give the two most important people in your life, a lot of happyness
    3. You took a decision, most of us don't have the guts to think about...
    4. You made yourself earn more respect than a lot of people I know...

    And we never said that life is going to be easy... Hang in there bro... and trust me its going to be just right !!!

    All the best... and I am around... for anything that i can assist in !!!

  6. @ Subbu - hang in there...I am with you too..though don't know what is it all about...:D

  7. @ Subbu...
    le tereko har taraf se support mil raha hai bhai !!!

    Point hai Point hai !!!


  8. Oh... I was recently asked this question regarding DFZ (delhi foodies)... what's the point?
    I said I don't need a point :D
    I am working to build something...donno what though and I like working towards it...I donno if I will reach there in a few years from now... but trying is something I can do and I will.. so THAT is the point :D
    I am HAPPY doing it! And that is also a point...

  9. @ Reeta...

    hehehe... you are right... some things don't need an immidiate point or a result or anything like that...

    Call it some people's shortsightedness or insanity, that they do stuff they feel good about... without it having a point or not...

    Enjoy being happy... May you be blessed :)

  10. The Point is Everything in life apart from life itself is just a matter of time!

    Genius' like Vinci, Newton, Einstein I m sure must hv asked themselves the same. Even you & I do ask the same.

    All paths begin with a small step. The reasons and benefits question our very being at times. Some Question our Sanity and at times even we do too....But Belief & our hopes keep us going till we see the writing on the wall....!

    So dream & do...!! And the way Adidas quotes it 'Impossible is nothing'

  11. @ Jadeism...

    you got the point alright :) Glad to see you here !!!

  12. Well that does make a point:-)

    Little hope,little faith...can these do wonders???

  13. @ You....
    without a doubt they do wonders...

    I have been hanging on to a some faint faith for a while... that faint thing got lost in some darkness today... realised that thats how it was meant to be !!!

    and I still have some faith... not in the the one I was hanging on to, but myself :)

  14. ummeed pe duniya kayam hai dost! and in MYYY SRK's words *blush*..picturrrr abhi baaki hai mere dost!!

  15. @reeta skeeter..
    delhi foodies? yeh toh ironical hai. they like naan and paneer, thats it. abey har cheez mein they put paneer! maggi mein paneer! sabmein paneer! i suffered from paneero-phobia on my recent visit :(

  16. "...hold on to that small thing called FAITH, even if I have darkness right in front !!!"

    je baat me bindu hai :)

  17. to me..life is all about finding THE POINT :) and I love it for being concerned and wanting to find it also...chalo enjoy the ride...like everyone else

  18. # Elusive...
    I am sure :)

    # Mayuri...
    bindu bada hai ji..

    # You Are...
    Finding a point means moving ahead... and not stepping back or stopping like a lot of people do :)

    this is not a question that I ask anyway... I know there is a point :)

  19. @elusive: I am not talking about the people (delhi foodies) that you are talking about :D I am talking about a blog.

  20. "What's the point?" kind of an approach is a highly pessimistic one! It crushes all the hopes and dreams even before they're concieved... And i live by the saying
    "if your mind can concieve it,
    and your heart can believe it,
    you can acheive it!"
    And that, according to me, is the point!!

  21. # Amandeep...
    hmm... you are kinda right somewhere there...