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An Evening Alright !!!

My first visit to a 5 star hotel's restaurant in Central London... Called the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park.

Amazing service for two reasons...
Thats how it is in the Park
and it was the Pastry Chef's birthday

So we ordered our starters and the main course...
In addition to the Chinese Spring Rolls, The French Asparagus Salad, The Thai PakThai, The Indonesian Nasi Goreng which we ordered, kitchen made some "not on the menu" dishes only for us... The Arabic Pita Bread with Humus, and the Chinese Dimsums... very interesting food this was... 

And I was asking Abhishek to tell me the best dessert in his kitchen, and when we checked for desserts we were told that we cannot order it because the kitchen had prepared something for us... again not on the menu... So we had something made of Hazelnut cream, black berries, strawberries, raspberries, blue berries, and choux... suppa duppa... 

Thanked the people around for the amazing dinner and then walked to Piccadilly for my so far favorite club in London, the Strawberry Moons... the inhouse DJ plays amazing music and even with my very limited knowledge of songs I enjoyed the beats that make you move... and to add to icing on the cake, he played Summer of '69, Jump, You Give Love a Bad Name, Wake me up before you go, Grease and a few more that I knew... 

and now time for the highlight of the night... Picture this.. 

A platform for pole dance...
lovely young women dancing there (no these were not performers, these were the guests at the club who could do their 30 seconds or minutes to fame)
and my friend Abhishek decides to enjoy his birthday doing some pole dance with a girl there... comes down of there after 15 minutes and then is dragged up again by a blonde who literally takes all his clothes off doing the pole dance with him... So my dear friend cheers the crown up with some topless dancing for sometime and becomes an instant celebrity !!! This should be good for a birthday :D

And we left only when the music stopped which would have been around 0300 hrs... 

this does not look like and end to the post... :) its not... the weekend is still on... two more days to go... lets see whats happening... It might just be like all the other weekends... Ghar, Movie, TV Food and a relaxed time.... 


  1. Hmm...somebody enjoyed the night. Nice. And somebody got wasted too. Not sure if that was as nice.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend too. And tell us which movies you watched. :)

  2. LOL

    mast fun bhai, gonna call u up now :D

  3. @ Anony...
    i did...

    Not sure what wasted means to you :) though i did not puke, i could walk straight, i was talking loudly than i usually do but not more than i usually do :)

    so more or less it was like a high that I knew I was in, but did not loose :)

    so may be wasted is not really what happened !!

    @ Tushar...
    good you called :D its nice to hear friends calling :)

    majedaar thaa na kissa :D

  4. i'm sure you had a great time watching the blonde babes and abhishek baba doing the pole dance ;)

    hope you continue you enjoi your weekend!

  5. @ Bhumika...
    The few moments when you want to scream out loud... look he is my friend he is my friend :D


    hoping to have a nice weekend me too... the start seems to have many flavors :) lets see how the entire menu for the weekend is...

    It better be better :D


  6. tu bhi meri tarah hai kya...aaj :-( aur kal :-)

    good that u had fun....did u try your hand on pole dancing? pictures???

    and come back to India, you will never feel lonely...yeh sab firand land ka asar hai...

    Take Care!

  7. :O is your friend a C-H-E-F?!!!!!
    Or am I reading ulta pulta?
    Pictures nai hain?
    Enjoy weekend!

  8. ha ha...hilaroous...

    abee piayakaar tune pichle mein commenting off karke rakha hai kya?

    looks like your celebrity friend had a great B'day :)

  9. @ Anjuli…
    Nai Firangland ka asar nai hai… I have these days which happen once in a while… like it goes on a graph.. high and then stable… the good part is a few people get active when I am feeling this way… and immediately do what is needed… (read Tushar’s comment above)

    India.. haan… dekhte hain kab…

    Pole Dancing… no… I was not that drunk ☺ plus it was the birthday’s boy’s privilege :D

    @ Reeta..
    yes… he is with the Pastry Kitchen in Mandarin Oriental… one of the top 5 hotels in London… He is a dessert inventor ☺ and I am so sweetly proud of him :D

    No pictures yesterday… Was not supposed to carry the camera… just enjoyed the time ☺

    @ You Are…
    Yes… I did not need comments on that post… the blog heard what I had to say ☺

    Ma friend had a great happy budday ☺ thanks …

  10. @ ALL...

    all of these smileys were supposed to be happy ones... no idea what happened.. but they kinda look like the saddie ones here...

    Sorry about that...

  11. Dessert inventor!!!
    Kya baat hai!
    I mean seriously :D
    Teri mauj!
    Does this person have a food blog? :D

  12. WASTED - would love to write this myself sometime...like the feel to it. An honest confession types...wonder why was it wasted though. It is always good to drink and feel lonely - as much as it is to not drink and be happy and in crowd and feel elated. Cheers.

  13. # Reeta...
    yupp... meri mauj !!! haan whenever I go to his kitchen I do get to eat some of the best stuff ever... he is SUPER GOOD... and the people in his kitchen are amazing too... I have been treated with amazing pizzas, a fantastic egg fried rice etc etc

    Par ghar par he is just another guy :) profession should at times be kept away from home, right? :)

    # Mon...
    Happy wasted thaa :D

    I usually get blooody high on the music in India.. with firangland thats not really possible because I cannot identify with a lot of songs here... sab angrezi mein hota hai saala :D

    # Anjuli...
    to be honest... never been better and different :) chill !!!

  14. music tou music hota hai - kya hindi kya angrezi...some of the best songs are in english...and when you are high on beats of the drums and strings of the guitar...who cares about the lyrics?

    U need to get completely sloshed out....;-)

  15. # Mon...
    I would like to disagree there :) I like music I can identify with to enjoy it...

    even after getting drunk I don't think i would enjoy something i don't identify with...

    Jai Hindustan !!!

  16. u just successfully managed to make me super jealous!!

  17. # Gunj...
    that was not the intention :D but I am happy you liked what i wrote... you could not have been jealous otherwise :)

  18. Hi there!

    Just wanna say..you've got an amazing blog, dude!

    Have added your blog to my Google Reader.

    I'm sure, I would learn something good everytime I read your content, buddy :o)

    Take care!

    Ravi (random wanderer on the web)

  19. # Ravi..
    Glad to have you here... hope you'd like the feeds...

    take care...

  20. At times nahi always (I believe)... :D
    Bas padh ke bahut acha laga.
    Mujhe aisi treatment ek baar ek chef ne di thi... mmm mazaaa aa gaya tha [:D]

  21. # Reeta...
    kitna achcha sochti hain aap :) clap clap :)

    treatment to nai hai... jaata hoon bhookha hota hoon friend hoon khane ko milta hai :D so much for being friends you see :)

  22. hmmmmm,good good,all that starts well ends well
    btw happy birthday abhi


  23. @ ~S

    The start could not have been better...

    END... well...

    :) will talk about it soon...

    Yes... Happy Birthday Abhi :D

  24. Lucky you..in so many ways, i'm sure i don't have to write here!!!

    Invented desserts!!!

    Though i'm not sure which dessert was the one you relished!!On the plate or the one on the poles!!!

  25. # Kay...
    Lucky... well... in a few ways yes :)

    the ones on the poles, minus abhishek were pretty good no doubt :D

  26. waah blonde taking ur clothes off,,,now my love for india is reducing,,,he he he he

  27. # Ankur...

    i am sure :D