Random images from my flickr stream...



Some of Many....

I was tagged and the tag was to pick up my best picture( the one that I have taken or liked) on my blog...

and being the still taker I am, its hard to choose one out of many pictures... so what do I do?

I go to bighugelabs, and make a small tile of some of the pictures I like... so here it is... some of many that I like... rather love...

1. Nani.., 2. No Matter What, 3. When you Turn, Smile..., 4. Eyes Speak..., 5. Smiles...., 6. Silent Smile..., 7. Smile..., 8. Papa..., 9. All Smiles..., 10. Yaari Dosti, 11. Babbaji..., 12. Happy SinGh, 13. With flowers in my hand, i feel like a man...., 14. AmMa...., 15. Excited....


  1. those smiles you've captured are contagious :)

  2. @ Bhumika...
    this is one virus I don't mind spreading :D through my pictures though... khud to smile main kar nai pata for some reason :D

  3. its really tough to single out one 'best' pic :)
    all of them r just great :)

  4. # Mayuri...
    no need... i did not bother rating them... i like them all... will not even attempt to pick one over another...

    thanks :)

  5. :) I agree with you...
    The idea behind this tag was to make people sit and browse their albums, think a little, feel happy about the pictures and then spend the dimaag a little :D
    Okay so, when I was seeing the pictures, I thought I will single out one for you and say I like this the best, alas!
    So now I say I like 1 (Nani),4 (Eyes Speak), 8(Papa BTW is dat ur dad?),12 (Happy Singh), 15 (Excited) equally well....
    Happy Blogging!

  6. # Reeta..
    I don't need a tag to browse through my pictures or feel happy about them :D I guess I was the wrong person to be tagged...

    I don't sleep anyday before seeing atleast 50 of my pictures :)

    enjoy :)


    Oh and yes, thats my papa :)

  7. Beautiful, Prashant all of them are lovely...but the Nani is my fav..I am partial to Pattis, Nanis & Dadis:-))

  8. dad looks really handsome.... no wonder you are blessed with such good looks....

  9. # S

    Thanks... pray for me..

    # Arch @ Rang...
    thanks :)

    Naanis are such sweethearts :) double moms :)

    # Aqui...
    Oh you bet he is :)
    I don't have half his looks... agar hote to kohram na macha deta... abhi bhi waise kam nai machaya kohram maine :D

  10. Lovely pics!!!

    I'm tired of saying it..For a change click some horrible ones and i can say they are horrible..


  11. # Kay...
    thats very nice of you to say that...

    I will put up some horrible pictures sometime soon :) but you know what.. i think everything has an audience.. what find horrible can be something that appeals to a different person :)

    but i will try to put up horrible pictures here :)

  12. i've said it before and i say it again...how i wish your dad was single :P and just a lil older than me hehehehe

  13. # Sharanya...
    yaar i am really sorry to see you disappointed...

    par bete se kaam chala le ;) papa to nai hai :)

  14. lol i knew u would say that...par kya kare papa ki baath hi kuch aur hai :P beta say kaam chala lungi..but still ...ok ill cut the crap now come lets go and work :))

  15. hehehhehhehe..

    poor you... :D

    yea.. carry on... catch you later :)

  16. Awesome, awesome, awesome...you are terrific...in photography...
    and on your demand, I have uploaded HOTTIES on my blog...:-)

  17. # Mon...
    thanks.. you are as kind as always with your words...

    let me check out the hotties ;)

  18. I loved Yaari Dosti, All Smiles and Papa... all dads are handsome...hai na?

  19. # Anjuli..
    glad you could find something you liked...

    Dads yes :)

  20. i loved the pics.have yu clicked 'em?

  21. ok jus checked the comments, guess u have! coool ya.

  22. ur dad looks like some hollywood hunk man!

  23. # Elusive...
    yes :) I have clicked the pictures...

    Dad yes, is a very smart man !!!