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Happy SWEET New Year....

Whats the best way to start a new year in firang land?

Well... don't think about it much...

the best way to start a new year in Firang Land is to have देसी घी के मोतीचूर के लड्ड from कन्वार्जी in चांदनी चौक, पुरानी दिल्ली

Yes..I just had two from the kg pack that I have to enjoy in the coming days...

Thank you Amit for this... The new year could not get better than this... thanks bro...


  1. awesome !!!!
    i like motichur laddu :D
    wishing you a 2008 filled with sweet thoughts, sweet feelings, sweet experiences last but not the least sweet people !!!

  2. # S...
    oh you do :)

    you ain't getting any from box :D unless you want to pillow fight it out :D

    thanks... you have a great year ahead too...

    # Anjuli...
    same to same to you too :)

  3. # You Are..
    yess ma'am :) you do that too :)

  4. chal chal who wants to fight..i am a peace loving person..ill go buy a box for myself...just give me the address of that place or even better drive me there :P i dont need any of the laddos from ur box

  5. no fun eating things like that :d

    jab take fight karke kuch nai khaya to taste nai aata...

    par tune itta boring sa option choose kiya hai to theek hai :D you will be driven down to that place and you can get your own box !!!

  6. wish u a sweet year, om :)

    psst: laddo khila nai rahe tih kam se kam uski fotu hi dikha do :)

  7. # Mayuri...
    Khabar mein Sabar karo :D

    no fotos of the laddoos... wo sirf mere hain :D