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चार दिन की चांदनी...

I am feeling tired right now...

Because of the tiring weekend that just went by... It was kinda nice though... I need to write about it soon...

And because of people who cannot keep their word... An incident, and words pour... another incident, a few more words and a few days later... everything back to where it started from...

Hindi mein kehte hain na... चार दिन की चांदनी, फिर अँधेरी रात... this phrase makes me smile always :) dunno why...

Now, what makes my being tired irrelevent is the good news that one of Bindiya's articles is now a part of IGNOU's Course Material for a Diploma Course in Displacement and has been published along with some big names in the field of Resettlement and Rehabilitation... Good work Girl !!! Murari is proud of you !!!

Isn't it nice that Uncle God usually packages the not so good stuff with something to smile and and cheer for... Thank you God Uncle... Let me be blessed :) ok, a few more people I like as well...


  1. Congratulate Bindiya..and take care of yourself..you don't sound too good. Theek ho ja jaldi Om - mera patent sentence yaad hai na...:D

  2. Nahi yaad tou yaad dila deta hai 'main hun na".

  3. @ ThatWasIt...
    arre Bindiya to Rockstar hai ekdum !!!

    I am so bloody happy that she is my friend :) ek din autograph ke liye line lagi hogi to main line tod kar bhi aage ja paunga :D

    Main theek hoon yaar... bas gussa aata hai kabhi kabhi.. ya to bolo mat, aur karo mat... ya phir bolo to karo !!!

    kuch log hote hain... sirf bolte hain, aur karne ki baari aati hai to sirf bahane... effort maarna jaise fitrat mein hi na ho !!!

    anyway... wo gussa is null and void, after the goodie news..

    oh... and thank the you :)

  4. Hey do congratulate Bindiya from my side...

    - Anjuli

  5. @ Anjuli...
    why are you not logged in using your credentials on blogger?

    I will convey the message... She is in Geneva for a conference for the next couple of days though...

  6. kisne kya nahi kar diya? U chinta NOT....

  7. bindiya rocks!
    my congratulations to her :)

  8. @ Mon... no worries re... everything is fine..

    @ Mayuri...
    She sure does :)

  9. Hi all!

    well - what do i say but a BIG THANK YOU to Murari for all the big coverage. 'n as for givin an autograph to you - hmmm we shall see... =P for now keep the stress at bay.

    now more importantly THANK YOU to all of you all for all your wishes 'n kind words. :)

    Chai ki dukaan ki camaradeie rocks!



    P.S: Murari, kuch scene bana Geneva ka??

  10. # Bindiya...
    :) thank you ek baar aur bol zara... sunai nai diya theek se :D

    God bless you girl... you are a rockstar !!!

    Autograph to tereko dena hi padega beta... aise kaise nai degi !!!

    Geneva ka mushkil lag raha hai yaar :(...