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Call the FireBrigade... save the CAT...

I am working from home today... there is no one in the office who I can talk to and its no fun going there when my BT Boss is not around...

and I get my share of adventure today...

One of my house mates forgot his keys inside the room and the room got locked... and he is on the first floor... and these were the spare keys because he left his spare keys at home when he went there this Christmas... situations i tell you :)

Thankfully his window was open.. and all we could do was to climb up to the window, get inside the room through that 1ft by 3 ft window and open the room !!!

So here is what we did....
Picked up the ladder from the backyard :) it was just there :)

first he tried climbing... but I am not sure if he was used to climbing up these ladders so it starting shaking bad... so I volunteered to do the Cat Rescue ACT :) climbed up the ladder.. opened the window full... and tried to get in...

now imagine this... an almost six footer, managing himself on the 4 inch space on the bar outside the window, trying to get inside through that 1*3 ft space... not easy... i just could not get in... so the next best option !!! get the keys out... i managed to see where the keys were.. but I could not reach them through the window... what a dilemma...

So got a few pipes and rods to somehow pull that key chain towards myself and finally managed it after 15 minutes of struggle...


hawai chappal
sard hawa
aur ek 10 ft oonchi khirki

kya situation hai :D

I ROCK :D !!!


  1. Hey bhagwaan!!!!

    HOW on earth do you manage to get yourself into such situations???


  2. # Amandeep..
    Its simple... just asking for it helps..

    God Uncle said, betelaal its been a while you have been up on a ladder... how about today?

    I said OK boss !!! lets do it..

    and he just created the situation :D

  3. loved reading this post

    what a way to turn a no-fun day into one of the most adventurous days :)

    aap toh hero ban gaye :)

  4. Indians are so clever and talented in everything man...i am so proud...:))
    Awesome Prash...:))

  5. # Mayuri...
    you bet..

    aur hero ban gaye matlab :D

    # Sharanya...
    hehehe.. thank you thank you :D

    # Anjuli...
    bahut hi sahi..

    # Reeta..
    you bet :D

  6. Sahi hai bhai...well done. Proud to be an allrounder Indian...Hunh?

  7. # Abhi..
    totally proud re totally :D

    maza aa gaya thaa to be honest :) kuch to interesting activity hui...

  8. lol..u proved on thing that u are ek number ka bandar :P india ya london kuch farak nai padtha :P


    ~Me again :P

  9. i m trying to pic u tryin to enter that window... and how wud u have looked when stuck half way.... :)

  10. # Sharanya...

    Once a Bandar always a bandar :D

    thanks for the compliment :P

    # Aqui...
    Oh... I did not get stuck... I tried once and then turned around and tried again... realised I would not be able to get it... so left it there... too bad :D

  11. # Tushar...

    bhai kahan hai tu aajkal?

  12. What an adventure!!!


    And you can give me the address to that place...We can invite the burglars ..Guess what..noone will notice too..

    They can go in, take all the things worth their name and just say that they locked the keys in!!


  13. # Kay..
    hehehee... its not that easy.. trust me.. you first need to have the window open and then someone lock the keys inside...

    and then that ladder should appear out of nowhere :)

    but it was sure fun for me...