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Anger Management

main gusse mein hoon.....

tell me some new, innovative way to vent it out

100 bucks ke kaanch ke gilas ke
bori mein bhar
aur hathode se tod de


aur ek ek karke

now this sounds good!!!

jab tak choora choora na ho jaye

You're the best!!!!! :D


but usske liye will have to wait till i leave office!!!

oh koi na
achche kaam ke liye wait to karna hi padta hai re

koi nahi karenge...
now i hope sham tak mera gussa shaant naa ho jaaye!!! :P

haan sochna
kaise todogi glass
maza aayega

i'm already imagining myself in the midle of that act!!!




And for the guys, make it a point to add the most innovative of the galis while you are breaking these glasses or cups whatever !!!

Anyway, you got a way to vent out anger? Tell me !!!!


  1. Good Idea.
    I go to the back of my kitchen, clench my fists and shout inwards so no one hear it. Take a deep deep breath and adjust my facial expressions and come back out as if nothing has happened.

    Aggression doesn't help.


  2. 'And for the guys, make it a point to add the most innovative of the galis while you are breaking these glasses or cups whatever !!!'

    Why only guys for this.... i think i am max relieved when i abuse that person in private........
    waise wat are the other ways of venting........ its normally my blog, or sulking...... or cribing for me let me know in case there are some other useful/harmless ideas in your kitty.......

  3. # Abhi...
    hehehe... if I was in the kitchen..I would have chopped a few extra veggies...

    And aggression does not help !!! saale you did not remember that when you threw that ball at me :D


    # Aqui...
    achcha baba...

    tum bhi dena gaali dil khol ke...

    have you seen metro?

    There is a scene where Irfan Khan makes Konkona Sen Sharma scream... thats another way...

    blog, sulking, cribbing are not interesting enough :D anger management should be funn i guess :)

  4. if anger comes on a cold day stand under a cold shower for 10 mins ...anger will be managed

    If it happens on a hot day go jog for one hour....handled

  5. # Sharanya...

    Pretty innovative I must say...

    I rather make the person on the other end stand in the shower and run instead !!!


  6. I still don't know how to manage it.

    I keep quiet most times they say, my eyes give me away. I can't control my eyes, anyhow.

    Sometimes if it goes out of hand and its someone i can shout at, i do, other wise i just end up crying!!

    There!!!I confessed..

  7. # Kay...

    hmm... even I stay quiet at times... the moment I react, it just turns into a mess that I cannot control anymore :(

    Shout... i do that too...

    Cry... I do that too :D

    there !!! I confessed too :D

  8. eeesh thats a sadist approach...belive me try what i said...and u will see results soon :P

  9. # ~S

    Sadist.. oh yes :D

    Tu hi kar khud ko shower mein torture... there are not many people I will get that angry with that i need to stand under the cold water.. neither do I get that angry... itna important koi nai hota !!!

    I rather keep quiet or blast the person off !!!

  10. tab main chhota bachcha tha. :)

  11. # Abhi...

    Teri Chori Padki gai kabhi kya? Kisi ne Bajaaj Bulb jalaya?

  12. Kai baar ...kabhi teri hindi ki assignment mein kabhi vikas ke biscuits mein. lol

  13. hmmm...
    ye glass todne wala idea hai toh fundu, lekin ye batao ki 100/- kon dega :P

    how do i vent anger?
    i prefer a walk around...
    at other times, simply sit and sip a large cuppa coffee (even a glass of water will do), watch people/ things around and draw doodles...

    sometimes i just call home/ pals and crib and cry :|
    and there r times when i ran into a buddy and burn it out with him... jo mann me aaye bola and let it outta my system... phir uss godsend dost ko thanks bolo aur back to work, happily so! that's it :)

  14. # Abhi...
    hehehe... school ke din mast they yar...

    aaj bhi wo din yaad aata hai jab apan dono last bench par baithe they aur wo palat gaya thaa :D hehehe..

    Rashmi ma'am ki class thi shayad :)

    # Mayuri...
    mujhse le lena 100 rupye...

    gilass ka choora choora hona chahiye lekin :)

    bahut boring tareeke hain yaar tumhaare gussa nikalne ke !!! maza nai aaya :D

  15. hehe.. theek hai.. glass ka ekdum choora choora hoyega phir toh :D

    boring tareeke toh hain... kya karen,thoda sa anger-mangement seekh liya hai inn dino..warna pahle bahut harkatein ki hain...

    bande ko 'then & there' wale hisaab se acche se suna ke aate the.. later used to watch tom&jerry videos with my gang and check tom's plans for errors and try some of these 'modified plans' onto 'the enemies' :P
    waise girls ke saath easy tha.. kisi ke saath panga hua aur next day uske uniform/ bag/ tiffin me ek rubber lizard ya spider daal diya.. bas.. :D
    boys ke case me thodi fight thi, the best was to complaint about them to their parents/ class teachers.. aur unki kya jam ke pitayii hoti thi :P
    aur ek baar to kisi pe itna gussa aaya tha ki doston ke saath mil ke uspe woo-doo bhi try kiya tha :P

    and if i were angry with no one in particular (impersonal) i used to throw a party for no reason and do all silly things: play truth or dare, sing at a high pitch, dance 'freestyle' and like...

  16. # Mayuri...

    now that sounds better :D

    Tom and Jerry are such darlings, I tell you !!! Two of my favorites in the whole world !!!

    Get back to the better ways of venting out anger Mayuri... some things about being a kid should never be left behind... no matter how much people tell you to grow up, somewhere we should never let the kid in ourself die !!!

  17. Gussa;cigrette;crazy driving;loud heavy metals;and no talking - not innovative at all but my style in the past.

    Now - it is only at the highest of pitch with a glass of water...calms me down.

  18. correction: Music at the highest pitch and a glass of water.

  19. Man...you never fail to make me smile even on the blue-est of days :)
    Anger management...how I do it??? I could not get an answer for myself... I guess I just keep quiet that moment and listen to or sing my fav songs... Par yeh glass wala idea is just too good!!! I must try it some day :D

  20. u know exactly my sentiments i was thinking abt the same movie when i was posting a comment here....... that indeed was a good way.... but i dont think there are many high rises in delhi which are allowed for normal public... and u were suppose to tell me some intersting ways... :)

  21. # Anony...
    interesting :)

    # Sakshi...
    :) welcome hai ji...

    do that.. .

    # Aqui...
    Pahaad par jao aur chillao.....


    Interesting ways... offline bataunga :)

  22. charge to nahi karoge.... offline batane ka??

  23. # Aqui...
    socha to nai thaa abhi tak... par ab idea de diya hai tumne to sochunga :D

  24. Kaanch ke glasses ki jagah ek bada sa flower vase toda!!! Was good fun!! enjoyed every bit of it, and gussa bhi gayab!! But yeh kaam karte karte haath katt gaya mera! Now don't ask how, kyonki mujhe bhi nahi pata!! hehehe :D

  25. # Amandeep...
    ye to achcha nai hua yaar.. haath kaatne ki nai rakhi thi humne !!!

    par theek hai, if i see you smiling after that too... i hope it was just alright !!!

    take care...

  26. Not necessarily anger, but also when I am too tensed, I go to the kitchen and make the most elaborate of foodstuff that I can think of. The kinds that don't take any less than 4-5 hours.
    And your post reminded me of this incident very strongly:
    A scolded T for breaking one glass. P got angry at A, took T to the kitchen and made T break all glasses on the glass stand and then they all laughed together. Heee!

  27. # Amandeep...

    # Reeta...
    badiya tareeka hai... tera gussa baaki logon ki aish !!!

    incident bada majedaar thaa :D hehehe..

  28. 10 9 8 7...tried and experienced. it works!
    shouting out loud is another option i have been thinking of off-late. should do tat sometime.

  29. # Elusive....

    achche ideas hain :D