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Tea is drunk to forget the din of the world ~T'ien Yiheng

Sharanya uploaded this picture on her flickr page today... Thanks Sharanya for reminding me of one of my favorite drinks ever !!!

Tea... my best companian on all the trips I've had so far !!! and looks like its not changing... except when I am travelling in the UK... its coffee in those paper/plastic mugs with covers on the top... no steam nothing...


  1. nice pic........u shud get tea easily in britain atleast .......finding it in continental europe is a prob tho.......arey go to a indian shop and buy tea and make it at home :)

    itni thand main adrak ki chai jaruri hai bhai :)

  2. Bhai, tu samjha nai... I was talking about while I am travelling....

    When I am home, I make some super black tea with honey, lemon for myself these days :) ginger nai mili when i looked around the last two times.. aaj try karunga... dekhta hoon if I can find it...

  3. its hard to believe that London mein ADDRAAKH nahi milta !!!

    he he

    nice capture again..

  4. Tea.... just love it, when am happy, when am depressed, when need company, when need to be with myself, to beat the cold, to beat the heat too...and sometimes...just like that!

    Mamma ke haath ki adarak ki chai...ummmmm... heaven!

  5. ahmedabad is known for its 'kitlis' - the roadside tea stalls. Cutting chai with utterly0butterly muska bun - heaven!

    btw, lovely pic to accompany the post

  6. # U Are...
    arre mereko nai mila on the two stores i checked...

    # Anjuli...
    Ditto for me :)

    # Bhumika...
    kitli is a nice name... I should come to ahmedabad... a trip is due :)

    yea... nice picture !!!

  7. abbe salle kaha mara pada hai?

  8. Bhai yahin hoon... kahan jaunga :)

  9. Nice!
    Ab main ja ri chai pine. Hmph. Inni raat ko bhi mehnat karni padegi :(

  10. mehnat ka koi time nai hota !!! shabaash !!!