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The Coin'd Me...

I am listening to Madhushala right now and every single time I hear it, I like it more... not sure if its the music that calms me down, or its one of my favorite singers Manna Dey's voice or its the words... I guess this poem is much more than I hear !!!

This is how even people are, much more than we can hear or see... notice closely and you might just find something new about someone who know, and ditto is with me... I have been noticing myself for a while and needless to say I have realized more about myself in the last few years than the rest of them and I can only surprise myself over how I am and what I am...

I have been good, I have been bad... People have been with me for a long time, and people have written me off completely... People have loved me and then hated me to the core, people have not liked me and then liked me too... All of this happening when I was trying to know myself more, and liking it or not liking it depending on the discovery.

I am the coin, with both its sides together... and I am flipping, at times just enjoying the flip and hoping for myself to fall in safe hands at others !!!


  1. u know what...u need some desi khana and some desi chai..u will be ok :P

  2. Self observation is an interesting concept. And I am a big fan if it :D
    Makes one know oneself. Discover. Renovate. Or plainly observe and feel good/bad about it.
    And I feel it is soooo imp for all to be with the Self and know the Self.
    Good Post.
    Happy Blogging!

  3. dito dito welcome to the club # 2

    I am hated to the core, or loved. mostly later..:-)

    And as they observe, I observe and surprise myself, by just being me..

    sometimes I just happen to hear the I telling Me,

    "Chal tu bhi kya yaad rakhega"

    dekhle maaii asi HII hoon :)
    unique, one piece :)

  4. # Sharanya...
    sahi kaha toone :) ekdum sahi :)

    ek garam chai ki pyaali ho...
    koi usko pilane wali ho :D

    # Reeta...
    and an interesting hobby too :)


    # Kay...
    thank you thank you :)

    any membership fee?

    # You are...
    Two clubs? like orkut and facebook :D

    I am also unique just like everyone else, huh !!! tu akeli nai hai :D

  5. "and I can only surprise myself over how I am and what I am..."

    A small question here... All those things about ourselves that we come across through introspection/soul searcing/ self observation, which we find as new and surprising... Have they all been there in us and we're discovering them now, or are they changes that have come in us with time and new developments in life??

    Is it new discovery of old traits or realization of new trasformations?

    Am i making any sense??

  6. "Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves." - Carl Jung, the founder of analytical psychology.

  7. # Amandeep..
    i guess a mix of both... we realise things about ourselve at times, and we transform and change over a period of time...

    # Bhumika...
    hmm... hmm...

  8. thinking as we evolve
    and evolving as we think....

    nice thought!

  9. # Amandeep..
    yea it does :) hope family is back and you having a good time..

    # Mayuri..
    a way to put it yes :)

  10. Oh yes!! They got back yesterday... :-)

  11. # Amandeep...
    suppa duppa :) enjoy !!

  12. ha... ha ha ha... I know.. bahuut sare unique's hain...:) :D

  13. Both the sides of the coins show up differently everytime to different people. I have seen you at your worst(hopefully) and possibly at your better self - hoping to see the best and bestest. And I will make sure I do. :-)
    Happy New year Buddy.

  14. # That Was It...
    my worst has been worst, and my good can only get better :)

    thanks for being around :)

    Happy ka New Year to you too !!

  15. Hey!! Can u help me download Madhushaala sung by manna Dey....or U can give me the link for it

  16. # Raggs...
    Try cooltoad.com

    or a P2P software like limewire... I got this from a friend and am not sure about online availability...