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Ban Diesel

Delhi's environment Secretary says

"We will come down with a strong hand and ban registration of diesel vehicles in Delhi if everything else fails."

Its easier this way for everyone isn't it? Because cleaning up the already created mess is something that we see as impossible!!!

Has anyone in these departments heard of out-of-box thinking, innovating ideas etc... I think the government work also needs to be outsourced to a few corporates !!!

He carried on by saying :
"Delhi can ban the use of any fuel it wants. We have the legal powers under the Air Pollution (Prevention and Control) Act, 1981, to ban the use of any fuel in the capital."

Does anyone have legal powers to stop them?

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These days, the minimum temperature in Delhi is about 2 degs more than the maximum of where I am living... I say too hot !!! :D

And I read another piece of news a while back about a 8th standard student shooting one of his classmates dead... I am wondering if this is just a start of many more such incidents to happen... I hope not... God please :(


  1. so urs is a disel or petrol car....

    and that shooting in school incident... its all so hyped.... i think parents shud take some lessons...

  2. I have a petrol car...

    But the diesel cars are not the reason for pollution.. i find it hard to believe...

    What makes you think its hyped up? someone gets killed and you think its hyped up?

  3. I read the news yesterday, it was shocking... but the reasons for the killing were more psychological than anything else.

    We need to see the bigger picture, we need to change our education system, parents hardly have time for kids these days to understand or fulfill their psychological needs, teachers do what they are paid for. We need to have counsellors in schools who can take care of issues like this.

    I just hope somebody looks at this incidence from this perspective and do something about the same...