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feel it say it... hear it cherish it...

It feels so bloddy nice when I get to hear nice things about myself !!! God bless those who feel good about me and make it a point to say them too !!!

One of my dear friends did and I feel too bad that I did not really know how to react to it :) but I know i felt real good...

Looks like I am not that bad afterall ;)

That brings me to a question : How good are you with taking compliments?


  1. who doesnt love to get compliments...when somebody gives me a compliment i keep thinking abt it the entire day and feel good about myself...its ok to indulge in such ego boostups once in a while :) BUT...i'm very kanjoos when it comes to giving compliments...i think i need to improve upon that

  2. Interesting. Keep it up..am sure you will get many more.
    Why don't you share with us the compliments you got? :D

  3. nice...

    winks @ 'Looks like I am not that bad afterall'
    majority poll toh nai karwana aapko? :P

    i used to go overboard with compliments, i remember people tagging me as the one fishing for compliments n i ws equally good at giving one :D
    it has kinda subsided now...

  4. succers of the first order....

    btw that needs to be reciprocated as well.... i mean u shud not only be good at recieving them but giving them too.... and why do u think so many ppl comment on your blog.... obviously they like many thins abt you not just one.... is that good enuf for today...:)) kidding u are nice guy at the end of the day.... watever said and done

  5. Sometimes I am awkward at receiving unexpected compliments. But its always nice to be appreciated.

  6. It has to work better bhumika :)

    to keep the balance you gotta have an outflow of words and nice ones too when you have an inflow... it helps build a nice positive energy area around yourself :)

    # That Was it...

    they are not many but they are special i tell you...

    Will share sometime sure...

    # Mayuri...

    karwa lo.. we might know the ones voting against already :D hehehe...

    good it has subsided... flooding is not the best things nature has to offer... a gentle flow is always nicer to keep your feet in and relax :)

    @ Aqui...
    i have to agree that you have to be giving ones too.. but then girl, it might not be a give and take with the person who just gave you one... or you gave one to .. isn't it?

    no its not enough ever :) let it flow, like tushar says :D

    i am sure a nice guy... with a few not so nice attributes too :D

    # Subbu...
    bang on... one line about how i feel...

  7. hmmm...i shall keep that in mind sirji :)

  8. hehehe... looking forward to it..

    God bless !!!

    May the positive energy rule :D

  9. all u need to do is maintain a balance... i m not saying immediately if someone gives u a compliment u shud return it even if its fake.... but then the flow of compliments shudnt be just secluded to one person and one sided... everyone shud be applauded once in a while.... not immediate again but sometime.....

  10. # Aqui..
    I need to agree to that :)

  11. hmm...very hard for me to digest when one compliments me..but i easily get away by saying.."say somethin i dunno ;)" !

  12. And you managed to come here and comment... Zinda hona ka saboot diya hai toone !!!

    Bhot Ishmart hai na tu?

  13. I do my usual heee with a big grin if it is a known person, else I just flash a little sa smile followed by a thank you perhaps. At other times, I just don't react.

  14. # Reeta...
    hmm... okie...

    thats a nice way to react...

  15. hmmm..am very good at taking compliments from girls, but not so good when it comes from a guy..guess thats bcoz i dont understand whether the guy is complimenting me or fliritng with me or is he just flattering me (which by the way is worst)..so i can be pretty snobbish at that :D