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Radhe Radhe...

Arobindo called me and this is how the conversation went

Aro: I have something very serious to talk about!!

Me : Kya ho gaya?

Aro : I am thinking, what happened to Radha?

(What the fkk, what happened to my car)

Aro continues : Not your car idiot...(No points for guessing that the first thing I think about when I hear the word Radha is my car) the Radha Radha... the Krishna Radha, Radha...

Me : What about her?

Aro : What happened to her?

Me : What do you mean what happened to her?

Aro : Where did she go after Gokul? Do you know?

Me : She never told me where she was going ! How the hell am I supposed to know?

Aro : But there has to be a mention somewhere? She was with Krishna, and we all know what he was upto throughout his life... what happened to her?

Me : Oh I remember, she got married to someone else.. and used to stay away from her husband and all...

Aro : Really?

Me : Nope.. I think that was Meera.. I don't know.. maybe she transmorgified or something herself into my car and is with me now....

Aro : Right, but what happened she broke up or whatever with Krishna...

Me : I don't know.. maybe she left or something... maybe she was a potential threat to Krishna and he hid her somewhere to save the world... but this needs an investigation... call Papa, he would know for sure...

Aro : Krishna would not do anything for the world and not speak about it... everything that he has done was properly broadcasted... any act done to do good to the world cannot be hidden.. there has to be something else..

Me : I guess so.. find out... call home.. and its their marriage anniversary today..

(Laughter from the other side)

Me : Not Radha Krishna's idiot, mom dad's... make sure you call them and wish them too...

Aro : Ya i know :D hehehe... i will call.. send me the numbers again will you?

Me : Roger that...

Aro: Chal tata..

Me : Ok Bye...

This is exactly how the conversation would have went if I was in India or on Mars for that matter... its amazing how a few things don't change... I am blessed !!!


  1. radhe radhe... bless u and aro :)

    waise isko radha ji ki kripa samjo ke london ho ya gokul, dilli ho ya dubai, sab ek sa lagta hai :)blessed to hv such frnds re!

    from what i recall from memory, radha ji got married to a rich person (a gram pradhan perhaps) from vrindaban and settled there. its also said that she was secretly married to krishna and so the maha-rasaa continued.

  2. When I was a kid, not that I have grown up much... we used to sing..

    Radhe Radhe Kudi Fasade :D


    We need to investigate more on this Radha issue... having a car by the same name, it is my moral responsibility to bring the truth out..

  3. lol i didnt understand the conversation...but ya i was giggling all tru for no sense :))

  4. # Sharanya...
    simple convo it was... but never mind :)

    giggling is good !!!

  5. Arre na.... Radha was married to Krishna's maternal uncle. There is a reason she is out of focus in Mahabharat so early. You see, when Krishna and Radha were having an affair, Krishna was an adolescent boy. It was natural for him to fall for the older Radha. But later, as he grew up, being the flirt that he was, he had affairs with many more girls, including princesses, and married some of them. Now these high profile girls like Rukmini and Satyabhama got a better coverage in Mahabharat than the village girl - Radha.

  6. Thats what... more people more stories... but kahin par kuch documented hai kya?

    thode aur details de Subbu, kya fayda hai tera itta padai likhai karne ka?

    and see if Aro could have a look at this post !!!

  7. Documented, bole to ... hai... par maine sirf Mahabharat pada hai... baaki docs nehi... wahan Kishanji ke baare mein details mein likha hai. But what I wrote is well documented in Mahabharat itself: Radha was married to Krisha's maternal uncle.

    Aro ko phone karta hoon.

  8. all right I am here, well my curisity was picqued because one idiot in one of the channels did not know that Mrs Krishna was Rukmni and not miss Radha....So the thought naturally comes as to what happened to Radha...

    Thank Shubu for spoiling the fun of gossip with his knowledge...the only thing now I can start thinking is who broke the relationship was it Radha or Krishna...not that it matters ...however socchne main kya jata hai...

  9. # Subu...
    hmm.... hmm...

    I have asked someone else to find out more... lets see...

    # Aro... heheheh... what do these idiots in the channels know anyway, with some exceptions...

    Not but seriously... who broke up? and why?

  10. What a bozo to attend a quiz and not know the basics! There's a well known story about Rukmini and Satyabhama, which asserts Rukmini's status as the "top" queen of Krishna! That's about how Satyabhama wanted to weigh Krishna's weight in gold, and failed. Rukmini placed one tulsi leaf and it tipped the scale proving love is much heavier than any precious material.

    Arre, tum dono ko gossip chahiye... Mahabharat khol lo... har page mein gossip material hai... polygamy; polyandry; extra marital affairs; love childs; travel affairs... kya nehi hai!!!

    Par blog mein yeh sab mazaa nehi aayega... baithenge kabhi is pe charcha karne ke liye. Aro: You get the kababs; Prashant: tu Mahabharat (the book - for reference) leke aana; I will get the drinks. Kya bolta?

  11. # Subbu...

    this discussion is moving in just the right direction... now you two guys better keep away from arguing in in Bangla when we get together to brainstorm on this topic..

    I can get the Mahabharata, I have a copy... Can get a few more books if needed for reference..

    Drinks... well Absolut Pepper (Thanks Deepak) please... and some lemonade.. and I mean lemonade, not lemon juice.. sprite bhi chalegi..

    Aro, Veg Kababs please.. hariyali makkhan Kababs...

  12. hh...direction...that is what we are good at...cause any direction is a correct one...he he he he...

    Anyways... I agree....has come together fast...missing chats on specials like these

    However check these out




  13. There is nothing more interesting dan our mytholigical stories.

    Radha was the wife of Ayana and the daughter of the cowherd Vrishabhanu and his wife, Kamalavati.

    Krishna had 8 main wives: Rukhmini, Satyabhama, Jambavati, Satya, Kalindi, Laksmana, Mitravinda & Bhadra.

    According to “HARIVANSHA” RADHA was 23 years and KRISHNA was 4 years. So the age difference was huge.
    Some people say that Radha is another form of Krishna.He expands Himself into the dual form of Krishna and Radha.Radha is the
    feminine aspect of Lord Krishna and is non-different from Krishna.

    It is also said that Radha was married to Krishna and that Lord Bhrama himself acted as the priest to perform the ceremony.

    There is another story....

    Jalandara was married to Tulasi devi and drew strength from her purity and chastity. So firm was her chastity that even Lord Shiva could not defeat Jalandara in battle and all the demigods went to Lord Vishnu for help.

    At this time, Lord Vishnu went to Tulasi devi assuming the form of her husband, Jalandara. When Tulasi devi greeted Him, thinking Him to be her husband, her chastity was momentarily broken. Taking advantage of this the demigods killed Jalandara.

    When Tulasi devi understood what happened, Lord Vishnu revealed His original form. An enraged Tulasi devi cursed Lord Vishnu that as he destroyed her purecy, her will never integrate her Laxmi whom he love most.

    Vishnu accepted that as words of his devotee. He cant integrate with His DIVINE love Laxmi………..
    Solution: He can integrate with Laxmi(Radha) only when he and Radha take birth as common person.

    Shubu, I think we have enough stories (read masalas) for a hindi movie.

  14. people...you al are dealing in facts....cmon....have you guys gone crazy....this is gossip....and get back in line...question is who broke up...was it Krishna or Radha....

  15. @ Aro…
    Let me read what those links say sometime… this is interesting..

    @ Shonjit…
    Dada, awesome… this is hardcore information.. where did you get it from?

    @ Aro…
    He hehehehehehehehehehhe…

    I think Radha must have broken up… Krishna was getting too involved in other women and how he could save the world or something… Radha was not giving her time… The question of work life balance there… Krishna was spending more time making his career than take care of the affair :P

  16. Ok,now that is sorted...

    So krishna was carrier oriented...so he got dumped by Radha...and Krishna being the magical man picks up Rukmani and 1000+ woman...this is good stuff..

    Remember..he was picking up wives and not girls....amazing....also that there were so many handsome princes around...

    Now this is called awesome...

  17. So married women because its easier? or its safer?


    And carrier man... right !!!

  18. Hey..What's all this hulaboo about??

    Do you really want to know the story??

    It's a long one..across yugs actually..

    if you really want to know the facts i'll let you know..it's a fact and well documented..no heresay..

  19. @ Kay...

    here is what you can help with..

    Send me the story on email please... I would like to read that...

    here Aro is more interested in Gossip and I am not keen on killing that so continue with some gossip if you got something... maybe a twist to the story or something...

  20. Hey..what Aro said was right..but not related to this point in a direct way..i sometimes marvel at the writers who wrote those..and how they could weave in and out of stores and relate it to each other..

    Ok..this is another version..

    One fine day,after Ram and Sita were back at Ayodhya after all the episodes,Sita was serving food to everyone including Ram, Laxman and Hanuman..(incedentally, it is written that Laxman and Hanuman had never ever seen sita's face..They only knew her by her feet)..

    So, that day, while eating Hanuman thought to himself that Sita was such a fine cook and how swell it would have been if he had a wife like Sita.(that was purely non-sexual in context..)

    So Ram or Vishnu in his incarnation as Ram read his mind..and as he was his 'param bhakt' he blessed him with the aashirvaad that Sita Maa would be his wife in his next birth and cook and feed him all the delicacies he wanted but he would be born as a "hinjra"..So he was born as Chandrasena who was a cousin of Yoshoda, the adoptive mother of Krishna, or the incarnation of Vishnu in that yug.

    Radha is incarnation of Laxmi , as someone rightly said..Now, she never took birth..She just took the form of a small child and was found by Vrishabhanu,a local king of Gopapur, who was childless, floating on a lotus leaf..(that was 17 years before Krishna was born)..That is the virah part of the tulsi devi's curse..

    The best part is , it was written she never grew up..only when Narad informed her that Krisna was born to Devaki , She graduated directly to being a woman..

    Now there Raas Leela carried on till Krishna went back to Mathura..After that he came back only once and Radha came to Mathura once..

    There are a few other related things too..but that should explain..

    {i didn't have your mail id..So posted it here..though this is no less masala..}

  21. This is very very interesting...

    I doubt if this needs a gossip at all :)

  22. very very ineteresting discussion!!..:)

  23. @ Gunjan...
    welcome to the page... hope you have enjoyed reading the discussion so far... how about adding somethin' to it too :)

  24. Sorry Prashant..cant be much help here..know zilch about indian mythology but reading this was sum good learning..must say these guys did write some bestsellers with all the masala!!

  25. # Gunjan...
    Arre Gossip ke liye knowledge nai chahiye hoti :D

  26. @ Aro, Prashant, Subbu.....

    :) I'm still laughing and people around me are wondering what's wrong with me. Indeed, enlightening and interesting post. Let me control my laughter....will get back.

    @ Aro

    Thanks...you asked me to read this post...I enjoyed it.

    @ Pete

    Waapis aaney ki bhi rakhi hai ya nahi????

  27. masttt!! the next book am gonna buy is mahabharat..i've watched the tv series as a kid but i realised i hardly know anything :(
    or is getting a dvd a better idea..hmmm..

  28. # Elusive...
    Get the book... nothing beats it. My father loves the book and highly recommends it to everyone...

    About the DVD of the TV serial, it should not be a bad buy anyway... it was a nicely made series for sure...