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Fever and Happy

Had to finish my drink quickly and I did... the ice cold drink immediately tore the throat apart and I knew it was not a good idea... However managed for another day and a half before fever took over and I was completely out of energy, with a bad throat and red eyes... Good, I carried a few tablets with me and that I managed some brandy to help myself... slept and sweat well in the overnight bus journey... and managed to reach Horley with a not that bad a throat, and some fever...

Crashed and got up now...

So that was THE only not so good part about the road trip... I am yet to mention about
~ Spending Christmas eve with Scottish family and staying overnight in their house.
~ Having the best Christmas ever.
~ The VW Polo that I drove for about 300 miles in two days and the amazing music system that car had.
~ The views that I got throughout the drive
~ All weather conditions from sunny to rains to bad rains to winds that will take you with them to frosty... almost everything.. did manage to spot some snow up on the mountains too.
~ and a lot more...

I should be fitter in a day or two, and thats when I would write in great detail about my best christmas EVER... till then here is a Photographic preview into the trip...

Loch ( pronounced Lokh) Lomond Shores

Loch ( pronounced Lokh) Lomond Shores

Loch ( pronounced Lokh) Lomond Shores

Somewhere in the Country...

A lounge in the Hotel

Fort William

Somewhere on the Scottish Highlands

This was just a trailer if I can put it that way... Will write more later... God bless...


  1. lovely pictures & tc, Get well soon

  2. Trailer aisa hai to movie kaisi hogi....awesome!

    Get well soon...take care!

  3. # Anjuli...
    Should be good :)


  4. I like the Somewhere in the country pic a lot.
    Get well soon!
    Gaelic ni sikhi? Hehe :P

  5. get well soon :)

    and good to know that u r done with the not-so-good-part about the trip.. looking forward to the happy parts now
    so long :)

  6. Oh yeah waiting for the detailed version of the post...any castle pics? :D

  7. # Reeta...
    thats nice :)

    angrezi gaali kya seekhni hai... par haan kuch kuch to seekha :P

    @ mayuri..
    :) thanks...

    happy parts soon..

    # Reeta...
    no castles as such.. i don't generally like clicking buildings, maybe because i cannot make fotos out of them...

    details soon...

  8. what pictures man....awesome. Lost my heart out to the last one - road and the clouds shadowing the mountains....how could you go there alone. :D :D

  9. hey om, glad to know that you had one of the best x'mas ever...hope you get well soon and get over the weird frustration that came forth in the other post...just take some good rest and come back to share your lovely stories with us :)

  10. good pics........ab tabiyat theek hai na ?

  11. # Mon...
    :) lovely places ain't it :)

    I could go there alone because you went for your pictures and then you are going to Bhimtal alone... badla le raha hoon :D

    # Bhumi...
    oh, it was super awesome...

    yea weird frustration... i should be over it soon..

    Planning to write about the trip in detail with pictures over the weekend...

    # Deepak..
    thanks bro...

    Tabiyat theek nai hai abhi... throat ki amma ho rakhhi hai...

  12. mere bhi tabiyat ki waat lagi hue hai and no swiss trip also :(

    anyways, pics toh ek dum mast hai bhai, post more!

    Take care


  13. # Ankur..
    take care bro...
    yea will post more pictures soon...

  14. heyy
    cool u havng fun but tc dude....
    nice one loved it!!
    wen r u comin back??

  15. heyy
    cool u havng fun but tc dude....
    nice one loved it!!
    wen r u comin back??
    cya soon and tc

  16. #Sumit...

    will take care sure :)

    I should be back in Feb bro...

  17. Such Amazing pics!!!..hope u better now!!

  18. # Gunjan...
    thanks :) yes much better... the throat is taking its time to get ok though :)