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Do heartburns make you sweat?

Why the hell and I sweating like I am in hell tonight?

Will try to sleep with some fever, a fukked up throat, and some shattered dreams tonight, if at all I can manage some sleep...

I thought its the quilt... its away...

The room heating... its off...

and I am still like I am in hell... I think I should open the damn window !!!

Do I sound angry? Yes I am!!! On/With/For/Because of Does not matter... it never did !!! To feel better, all it takes is a good sleep, the alarm with one of your favorite songs (which I changed to, a while back) and hoping that tomorrow there is some sunshine!!!

God Uncle, you better be on my side, for I need you !!!

Amen !!!

p.s. Sorry if you feel like something to say about this and find the comments disabled... I had to write this and this page is all I got...

On second thoughts... I don't want to stop anyone from saying what they want... This is a public page... I gotta write about what I feel... Anyone can write about what they feel about what I feel :) I think I am feeling better after I wrote all that random stuff above... nice !!!


  1. Aaye bhi tou aise aaye? :D Kya hua?

  2. hey hey hey, whats wrong with you? Even if you don't wanna share....just be patient, things will be better today, don't worry, its because of the fever....

    Now smile :-)

  3. How does one shake hands virtually?/Or the way we did the "same pinch" when we were kids..My throat is as big as an ostrich egg and croaking like a toad..the vikram seth one..

    And i've those fever blisters to deal with too..

    Anyways it's karma..i was teasing my brother about falling sick so often when i never fell ill..It's a different story i never realised i had a fever..i blamed it on my trek in the sun..

  4. # Mon...
    :D kuch khaas nai hua...

    # Anjuli...
    nothing is wrong... just talking to my blog...

    # Kay...
    Karma is a nice word :) I can use it more often :D

    hey you take care and get well super soon...

  5. # You Are:

    You Goddish babe? :)

  6. before i could read the very last line, i wanted to ask what was bothering u...
    now that i read the last line, am glad that u r feeling better... i know u can handle well the fever, the anger, the hell and the restlessness...

    just take care :)

  7. # Anjuli..
    thats around at times..

    # Mayuri...
    arre bhai, by now you should know that my blog is my second best friend, the first being myself :D and a few others:) and whatever comes to my mind goes to the blog provided the Chai ki Dukaan is open at that time...

    This was a result of another moment... which did not really need reactions or a concern :)

    I am fine.. can manage pretty well !!!

  8. Just got one thing to say... A wish... May the big guy above bless you and be with you not just today, but always!!

  9. Another Ctrl Z?
    I always wanted a ctrl+alt+del, but guess i will make do with ctrl z..askin for too much is being greedy.

  10. # Elusive..

    oh.. you found another ctrl Z...:)