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Seeing with my eyes closed !!!

Have some nice lyrics that make sense, add a nice folk flow with music in it, garnish it with a dhol, dholak, tabla, harmonium, a few more simple instruments.. and what you have is the song that I mention below...

I had heard it sometime back on TV and then forgot about it completely before a friend mentioned it to me generally today and i downloaded it....

Now these are my options:

1. Close my eyes, listen to this song and think about the amazing street plays that I used to be a part of in one for or the other, scripting, direction or just acting... this has so much of that sing together feeling with a message...

2. Close my eyes, listen to this song, and think about how it would be dance to this number... what free flow of music this song is.. and I can effortlessly think of enjoying my dance on it...

3. Close my eyes, and just listen to this song... like I have been doing for a while now...

4. Keep my eyes open for a change, and read the lyrics while the song is playing...

Ever wondered why we usually like to close our eyes when we are really enjoying something... is it a way to disconnect from the actual visuals and have a visual that we want to see in our brain? How do we see what are we thinking of? Is this the eyes that see it? Does a movie play on the eye lids?

Its strange how my eyes can see whats running up in the brain !!! God Uncle, you are great !!!

Enjoy the lyrics below... and if possible do listen to this song... and sing along too... if possible write the lyrics down... and sing-a-long loud together with friends... I can assure this is an awesome song to enjoy with friends !!!

क्यूँ खोये खोये चाँद की फिराक मे तलाश मे उदास है दिल
क्यूँ अपने आप से खफा खफा ज़रा ज़रा सा नाराज़ है दिल

यह मंजिली भी खुद ही तै करें
यह फासले भी खुद ही तै करें
क्यूँ तो रास्तों पे फिर सेहेम सेहेम संभल संभल के चलता है यह दिल

क्यूँ खोये खोये चंद की फिराक मे तलाश मे उदास है दिल

ज़िंदगी सवालो के जवाब ढूँढने चली
जवाब मे सवालों की एक लंबी सी लड़ी मिली
सावल ही सावल है सूझती नही गली
की आज हाथ थाम लो एक हाथ की कमी खली


  1. this is one of the best songs i heard in many days :)

    and the best thing about this song is that u can relate to it in any which mood u r in... happiness, anger, doubts, cheers with friends, hope, dreams, anything...

    so go on, open ur heart and close ur eyes to this song and enjoy!

  2. bhai tu post likhte likhte yhakta nahi hai kya? kaam kab karta hai? :)

  3. :-)) undoubtedly a good one...some others in the movie are good as well....samajh nahi aaya waise tou ye gana mujhko...na hi wo movie. ;-)

    Send me the song.

  4. very goood song....infact other songs of the movie are good too...do listen to them.......decent movie too : a lil too long otherwise a fine effort.......some of the camera angles are quite good ...

  5. Aaj shab jo chand ne hai roothne ki thaan li
    Gardisho mein hai sitare baat humne maan li
    Andheri shayh zindagi ko sujhi thi nahi kali
    Ki aaj haath thamlo ki ek haath ki kami khali

    Wonderful lyrics, lovely voice…

    The first time I heard Swanand Kirkire was in the movie Hazaron Khwaishein Aise. The best part about his songs is that they are not exactly lyrical; remove the music and they sound like a wonderful poem. He writes them and sings them too. No wonder they sound so amazing.

    guess what, i was about to write a post on this song on my blog :)

  6. # Mayuri...
    yea.. it sure is :)

    this song is wonderful !!!

    thanks. ..

    # Abhi..

    I work hard at work... unlike you i have a computer to use and abuse all the time :D so I take a break and get on to blogs at times...

    and I work hard for myself too...

    So the amount of attention that work gets does not impact my personal space (Blog, flickr etc) and my personal space does not impact my work either :)

    and I think you got better fotos now to put on the blog... rather we should click a better one like this , this sunday...

    # That was it...
    Actually all the songs are nice... have a very nice feel to them... i liked all..

    Will send all songs in seperate emails to your gmail account...

    # Deepak..
    haan bhai.. bahut mast hai ye gana...

    I have the entire album.. enjoyed listening to all of them.. its nice to hear good music from Bollywood... i like the change...

    Movie bhi dekhta hoon kisi din... Shiny Ahuja ki movies are usually with a sad end for some reason... i hope this one is not :)

    # Bhumika...
    Amazing words yes...

    Infact these are poems from how i heard them... This is a specific Kavita Paath Shaily and I remember using it in our street plays at times, that how I could associate it with the plays I used to do a while back...

    I would still like you to write.. would be glad to see your perspective !!!

  7. hmmm...ther's another b'ful song on my mind as of now...shall write about it :)

  8. # bhumika..
    lets read about it then soon :)

  9. Glad to see the reduced width of the background picture on top.

    Gaana to lajawaab hai hi. :)

    ~Johnny Gaddar? :D

  10. @ Johny...
    i don't know how that happened :-/

    gana to mast hai...

  11. wonderful song!lemme recommend u another one....try n listen to this one...
    "na hai yeh paana..na khona hi hai...tera na hona jaane....kyun hona hi hai...tumse hi din hota hai..surmai shaam aati hai....tumse hi..tumse hi..."
    njoy some real good music...awesome lyrics n a very soothing voice :)
    aah...this ones frm "Jab We Met" :D

  12. senti wala gana sun nai pata main for long... but the one that you mentioned is nice.. i hear that once in a while.. but do not repeat it...