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Review : Smorty

There came Internet, and then came blogs and with blogs came various flavors right from personal blogs to commercial ones, from pages where people pour their heart out to pages where people make money... during all this the concept of online advertising added a flavor to the internet by having advertisements over these blogs. Its a win win situation where the blogger would get paid for blogging, and companies would advertise on blogs. Sites like Smorty help bridge the gap between the advertisers and the bloggers by making available opportunities to earn money through blogging... Text entries as posts which link back to the companies websites or relevant sections earn money for the bloggers. Smorty has a very easy to use interface where you see the opportunities that you qualify for and the details along with the money on offer, all you need to do is accept an opportunity, take care of the links and text mentioned in the details, and submit your post. Once approved you get your money. You also get emails about the relevant opportunities.

Overall something worth have a look at, and helps you get things with are worth some $$$$$s :)

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