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Addition to the menu...

Its no big deal...

all it takes is some

~Fresh grounded black Pepper
~Butter like spread
~Chilly flakes
~ Basil and oragano
~ Chilly tomato sauce
~ sandwich pickle with veggie peices in it..
~ tomatoes
~ bell peppers ( I like yellow and red ones) and finally
~ bread( preferably the brown bread, but for this week, white one will do)

and you got a not too bad lunch pack with two different types of sandwiches ready...

And it tasted pretty neat too, because of the fact that I made it or I made it for the first time or whatever... it was nice :)

this means, The चाय की दुकान would now, also be able to serve freshly prepared sandwiches while you are sipping your favorite cup of tea...

Enjoy :)


  1. Not bad...

    But yellow and red bell peppers are a little too modern/urban to go with 'chai ki dukaan'. What say? :)

    your competitor :)

  2. well well well... whoever said tht the chai ki dukaan was not modern?

    so what if its run by a dehati ganwaar photographer who wishes to make it big in God knows what and when :D it still can have the best natural colors as a part of its day :)

  3. hehe... ok mr ganwaar photographer, I like the perspective. :)

  4. as if you have a choice :D


  5. Heeee... sandwiches @ chai dukaan!!! I thought alu parantha hoga :| Ab Skeeter kya khayegi?!
    Okay only chai will do :D

  6. # Reeta...
    Title pado maidam... Addition to the menu hai...

    Samose, Pakode, Namak Paare, Desi Chips etc ke alawa Sandwich bhi milte hain :)

  7. Bhai, protein thoda kum hai. Paneer add kar de. Bus, phir perfect lunch!

  8. # Subbu...
    bhai koi alternative bata.. paneer ka... yahan paneer kahan se laun !!!

  9. Cottage cheese mil jayega! Nehi to Tofu use kar le.

  10. Theek hai bhai... kal market jaana hai.. dekhta hoon phir...

  11. what about spinach, olives, japlenoes, tomatos, french onions :D
    mustard sauce kahan hai ??
    and whats that butter like spread...cheese ?? meyonese ?? what

  12. Spinach nai mila the day i was buying stuff...

    Olives Jalapenos dhyaan nai rahe...

    Tomatoes likha hai upar :)

    French Onions pata nai kya hote hain...

    mustard sauce nai laya... to avoid any bad breathe in the office...

    butter like spread is half butter... its labelled " I can't believe its not butter"

    no cheese... can't figure out which one to take.. there are too many of them...

  13. Maafi sarkaar.. but aloo parantha ni dikha :( Can I have the whole menu pliss?

  14. :) poora menu abhi nai dikha sakta... kaafi exclusive items hain usme... :P

  15. uffffffff ok :( khul kab ri hai...ribbon kaun kaat ra hai? heee

  16. Gordon Ramsay to nai kaatega :D koi senior chai wala ya shayad mummy papa :)

  17. bc is sab ke baad to teri tond kam ho rahi hogi

  18. @ Burf...
    haan lag to raha hai kuch kam kam :D

  19. Heeee haaawwwww Ramsay... :D Sahiii Sahiii... okay thik hai. Done. And khul kab ri hai? Iska uttar ni mila mujhe. Pehle se bata dena... :)