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In our last visit to Milwaukee, I was talking to Prashant about our childhood and the places where we grew up. The place where I grew up is a very small place. Our land lord built a small temple in his house. We used to have our daily ‘Aarti’ in the temple and Sunderkand Path on every Tuesday. Suddenly Prashant asked me if I am interested to post Sunderkand in Chai Ki Dukaan. So here I am with my first post.


शान्तं शाश्वतमप्रमेयमनघं निर्वाणशान्तिप्रदं
ब्रह्माशम्भुफणीन्द्रसेव्यमनिशं वेदान्तवेद्यं विभुम्
रामाख्यं जगदीश्वरं सुरगुरुं मायामनुष्यं हरिं
वन्देऽहं करुणाकरं रघुवरं भूपालचूडामणिम्

भावार्थ:-शान्त, सनातन, प्रमाणों से परे, निष्पाप, मोक्षरूप परमशान्ति देने वाले, ब्रह्मा, शम्भु और शेषजी से निरंतर सेवित, वेदान्त के द्वारा जानने योग्य, सर्वव्यापक, देवताओं में सबसे बड़े, माया से मनुष्य रूप में दिखने वाले, समस्त पापों को हरने वाले, करुणा की खान, रघुकुल में श्रेष्ठ तथा राजाओं के शिरोमणि राम कहलाने वाले जगदीश्वर की मैं वंदना करता हूँ


  1. Thank you Deepak! I am really glad you decided to write here on Chai ki Dukaan!

    I am really looking forward to all the chaupaiyan and the meanings, mostly because I love listening to it and I am very keen on knowing the meaning!

  2. Audio of this would sound wonderful.Because its in sanskrit not many people would know the exact pronunciation and tune. So if there was an audio version available it should be posted.

    How long are you going to be in India? Trying to get away from the snow?

  3. @ Vinita
    very true! We might not be able to get an audio here though! Let me see if there is something available on youtube which we could post here!

    I do not have any plans or inclination to be out of India as of now! let's see how it goes!

  4. देवताओं में सबसे बड़े

    please explain prashant /deepak......what does this mean...
    how is he sabse bade...

  5. @ J
    I might not have an explanation to this but a point of view. From how I understand, Ram is considered to be the reincarnation of Vishnu who is treated the highest in the trinity of Brahma Vishnu Mahesh. There are references to him being the origin of everything in other books too!

  6. Beautiful...
    Thanks for explaining the meaning, and like PB said, would look forward to the meaning of the erst of it.

  7. @Prashant
    Thanks bhai.

    This is starting shlok of Sunderkaand and it is in Sanskrit. I couldn't find the audio.

    Here is my point of view. It depends on which text you are reading. In Shiv Puraan, it is described that He is sabse bade and Brahma and Vishnu also pray to him. Bhagwaan Shri Krishna is sabse bade for Surdaas Ji. In Hanumaan Chalissa, Hanumaan Ji sabse bade hain. So I think it depends on the point of view of the person who has written the text. Sunderkand is written by Tulsidaas ji and for him Shri Ram ji is sabse bade.

    Thanks Jas. I will try to be regular :)

  8. Very nice explanation by Deepak."Sabse bade" can be very subjective and differ from person to person.
    @Om.. Did not know you were going back to India for good. You could have visited us in Dallas. It would have been fun to meet you in person since I read your blog regularly.
    Good luck on your next adventure.

  9. @ Vinita
    sometime later for sure :)

  10. prashant...thanx for your insight...i get that...

    hey deepak..thanx for your point of view too...am so looking forward to more of this illumination from you....living up your name ;0

  11. good morning :)

    thank you deepak for doing a post on sundar kand... i have always enjoyed recitals of ramayan n geeta... and ramayan has been a part of our childhood (what if it was ramayan the tv serial :-)

    @ all.. in case you are interested to listen to hindi / avadhi version of sundar kand(and the whole ramayan), please look up for singer mukesh's recital of tulsi-ramayan.. i believe it's available on mukesh's webpage as well as on you-tube and raaga!

    also there are CDs of tulsi ramayan (i hv one complied by music-today group)

    enjoy :)

  12. Thanks Deepak for sharing this..
    I have heard Sundarkaand so many times,but didnt acc knew the meanings..thanks for explaining it so well!!