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सुंदरकाण्ड - श्लोक

This post is in continuation of the previous post on Sunderkand. This post completes the starting Shlok of the Sunder Kand.

The first part of this Shlok is devoted to Bhagwan Ram. In this Shlok, devotee asks his Bhagwaan Ram to grant complete devotion towards Him.

नान्या स्पृहा रघुपते हृदयेऽस्मदीये
सत्यं वदामि च भवानखिलान्तरात्मा
भक्तिं प्रयच्छ रघुपुंगव निर्भरां मे
कामादिदोषरहितं कुरु मानसं च

भावार्थ:-हे रघुनाथजी! मैं सत्य कहता हूँ और फिर आप सब जानते ही हैं कि मेरे हृदय में दूसरी कोई इच्छा नहीं है। हे रघुकुलश्रेष्ठ! मुझे अपनी पूर्ण भक्ति दीजिए और मेरे मन को काम आदि दोषों से रहित कीजिए

Second part of the Shlok, devotee prays Bhagwan Hanuman.

अतुलितबलधामं हेमशैलाभदेहं
दनुजवनकृशानुं ज्ञानिनामग्रगण्यम्‌
सकलगुणनिधानं वानराणामधीशं
रघुपतिप्रियभक्तं वातजातं नमामि

भावार्थ:-अतुल बल के धाम, सोने के पर्वत सुमेरु के समान कान्तियुक्त शरीर वाले, दैत्य रूपी वन को ध्वंस करने के लिए अग्नि रूप, ज्ञानियों में अग्रगण्य, संपूर्ण गुणों के निधान, वानरों के स्वामी, श्री रघुनाथजी के प्रिय भक्त पवनपुत्र श्री हनुमान्‌जी को मैं प्रणाम करता हूँ


  1. Thanks for this Deepak. Very beautiful indeed..."Sunder Kand"...

  2. Why is 'Kam' so much detested in all the religion sermons,when it is the foundation of life life itself?How can it be a vice,if it was so,God would not have created the DESIRE.Afterall we could have been made to reproduce like bacteria,asexually!

  3. deepak..keep it coming ;0...and if i may...

    fighterjet -

    according to my understanding....the sole soul purpose of incarnation on earth is to evolve to a higher rate of vibration so as to merge with the source..often referred to as god..

    there are saints..francis xavier i think in goa, and parmahansa yogananda ...whose bodies did no putrefy even on death....this is no miracle....the reason...there were no toxins of lower emotions in their bodies.....look around you..people who have strong spiritual practice will have smooth glowing skin..and look young and vibrant...

    the reason....we have an energy channel on the top of our head...called the antahkarna...this brings down divine energy...to increase our own frequency of vibration [if one can visualise the human being as a loosely held together energy being] ....the size of the channel obviously controls the flow of the amount of divine energy flowing down into the body....

    what kam ...or earthly desires does[is not only about sex]....is provides obstacles in the channel, via the slower vibrating emotions that are created when the earthly desires are strong, or are not met.....and this prevents the frequency of vibration of the human soul from increasing...and attaining union with god...

    it is not a moral or sexual thing.....the gurus and saints....are just telling us the simple way to fulfill our purpose on earth...we humans with our limited understanding reduce it all down to food, money and sex....

    hope i was able to shed some light...

  4. Pretty interesting posts and even more interesting is the explanation and the discussions..keep them coming!!

  5. Very nice post by joy.

    Joy should also do guest posts on chai ki dukan.

  6. @Jas: Thanks Jas :)

    @Joy: Thanks a lot for this detailed explanation. It is truly enlightening.

    @Fighter Jet:

    As much as I know, that Kaam is not meant for Sex only (As Joy mentioned in her explanation). It means earthy desires and it is not meant good for your spiritual growth. I Hindu dharma, we are suppose to finish all 4 parts of the life than only your life is complete.
    Brahmacharya Ashrama
    Grhastha Ashrama
    Vanaprastha Ashrama
    Sannyasa Ashrama

    In the second part of life ‘Grhastha Ashrama’, you need to get married and full fill your responsibility towards society. This part of the life is as important in Hindu Dharma as other parts. Even all the incarnations of Bhagwaan Vishnu (as human being – Bhagwaan Ram, Bhagwaan Krishna) were married and had children.

    @ Vaishali: Thanks :)

    @Vinita: I totally agree with you. Joy should post something on CKD. PB, are you listening?

  7. Deepak!

    thanks for posting this! I am eagerly waiting for the chaupaiyan!

    @ FJ
    I do not think Kam is only about Sex... but is more of a desire in my opinion... From what I have seen and read, this desire has been one of things which has made people digress from their aims and goals, saints, kings and common man alike! Indra has been one God who used this to his advantage a lot too :P :)

    @ All,
    I am sure we should have Joy post on Chai Ki Dukaan as a guest! Will work something out for sure :)

  8. @Deepak
    I am glad you started a thread on something totally different than regular posts.
    You have a great skill of explaining things and making it simple. For you guys who grew up in northen india listening to such stuff ..must be common and an everyday thing which one would take it for granted. But for me it is a totally new experience.

  9. @ vinita
    This is a very different experience for a lot of people who have lived their life in North India too!

    Good going Deepak! looking forward to more!

  10. जय श्री राम!
    कितना सुन्दर वर्णन है...