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Me and pa were walking towards the cycle repair shop to get the cycle repaired…. Moti (the street dog) was sitting at the stairs of one of the houses near ours… He usually reacts pretty quick to my whistles and calling, but today he did not… I went hear him and patted him on the head… no reactions again… instead he kept staring at me… like he was trying to figure out who I was and why was I so close to him!

And then I could literally see a bulb light up over his head! He knew who I was and it was one of most beautiful reactions to my coming back home...

Later in the evening, when I reached home after walking back from Tushar's home, he saw me again… ran unto me and kept extending his paws for me to hold… This time I pretended as if I do not know him! but he was very persistent! finally I gave in, sat down next to him, held his paw, and he suddenly stopped moving…

He was sat there with his paw in my hand and his eyes staring into space, while I was looking at his eyes wondering what he is thinking about!


  1. Our pet dog. Don, had a similar reaction when my brother visited India after 5-6 years!

    Is this the same "Moti" that you have a picture with, I think on the day of Holi?

  2. Moti's still around!! :-)

    There seem to be more people happy about your homecoming than one would imagine.

  3. Awwww..that is so cute!!

    and we had a pet dog too,when I was a kid..same name "Moti"..

  4. so u r back.......bata to deta

  5. Hey, Happy New Year!

    Landed onto your blog after a long time! how goes?

  6. I have somebody called Kalu like that..:)

  7. thats pure unconditional love. moti ko meri paaari bhi de dena! :)

  8. @ Jas
    Don!!!! I like that name!!!

    yea, this is the same Moti!

    @ Tanu

    @ Richa
    yea he is… I am so glad he is..

    @ Vaishali
    most dogs are Kalu or Moti :P

    @ Deepu
    bhai aa raha hoon tere paas tak bhi!

    @ Mayuri

    @ Ankur
    Same to you!

    It goes great! how have you been?

    @ FJ

    @ Sam
    Kalu :)

    @ Geet
    main paari nahin karta usko… nahata nahin hai wo :P

  9. been good too!

    hoping for a Leh trip this year...lets see. :)

  10. that's great! good luck with it!