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Light headed

Finally the long hair days are over! back to the short smart simpler cut! I am glad I managed over 6 months of the long hair, though I did not reach the pony stage!

Feeling very light headed, and relaxed right now, while I enjoy typing while sitting in a rocking chair!


  1. photo lagaona
    'before and after' the cut

  2. sincere apologies...

    no photos were taken, and no animals were hurt during the entire process!

  3. Since last few years I like keepinh short hairs!
    But if my hairs could grow to pont tail size...of course I would have given it a try :)

  4. I like men in short hair. Shorter the better. In fact, I don't like long hair on men except a few like...Antonio Banderas, Milind Soman, Arjun Rampal, John abraham..(loud sigh!) they look really sexy in long hair :P

  5. Oye!! hair all gone..I thought you wanted to see yourself in a pony..would love to see you back with your short hair do (you look the best with that) ;-)

  6. He he he he .............

    I understand the feeing. It was same with me. Had long hairs, now short.

  7. @ Anony

    @ FJ
    i have always kept them short dreaming of growing them!!! could not take it after a certain length :P

    @ Anony

    @ Vaishali
    i thought so too :P but i like these better for sure..

    @ Deepak
    :) i am sure you do… ab bardasht nahin ho rahe they… roz sochta thaa ke should i should i not fir finally… kainchee chalwaa hi dee :)

  8. that's too bad, pony tail and red kurta and jeans...would have been a really funky look....

    upar se bike hoti to.....ufffffff

    but you like nice either way..... :)

  9. -- deepak....abhi ek mahine peeche to long the aapke bal...phir short hogaye kya...it is hard keeping up with the length of your hair...;p

    kya lagate ho..that is keeps growing so much...please share....i can do with some input too...

  10. Deepak, please do share the secret of your thick hair that grows amazingly fast! :)

  11. @Jyo - I did post one of my snap on faceboob after cut :)

    @Jas - There is no raaz of my nice hairs :) I just save some money and have hair cut twice in a year :)

  12. Deepak, hehehehehe! Main bhi wohi kar rahi hun...6 mahine baad hi baal trim karwaoongi! 3 gone, 3 more to go! :D