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2009 in Pictures - June

June was a travel month! (most months last year were travel months for that matter)
Me, Ma and Pa went on a three day tour of the east coast... drove around the New York City... and visited a lot of places of tourist interest!
Enjoy the photographs below!


  1. Whoa!
    Just yesterday, I was wondering why there were no further postings in '2009 in pics' series!?!!

    Beautiful pictures, as always.

  2. :)
    I like the photo of yours with your Mom-Dad...that kettle is amazing, Corning Museum??
    And such lovely photos of pink and lavender flowers!

  3. @ Anony
    there is more coming... just that I have very limited and unreliable internet time these days! Almost no internet access on weekdays!


    @ Jas

  4. Arre wah..uncle aunty look so cute!!
    you took them to some temple too??

    fountain waali pic achi hai!!
    and I really like that kettle and Niagara waali pics!!

    love your mom's smile..both of them are smiling so cutely in that pic (uncle in a green half sleeve sweater and aunty in a pink suit)

    Bahut saari favs hoti jaa rahi hain,is stream mein!!
    liked that plane waala pic..the 8th last pic in the stream..and those lavenders too!!
    All in all..a treat to the eye..wish u had posted some details too along with the pics!!

  5. I wanted to write... par had limited internet access... isliye sirf photos post ki!!!!