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In my shoes!

"Try and be in my shoes!"

Heard it? I am sure you must have!

I think this is a very inappropriate thing to ask, primarily because I do not remember buying shoes that did not fit! and unless someone else's shoes fit me, there are not many chances that I am going to buy them, or the idea or perspective for that matter!

Why get into someone else's shoes then? More often than not, its going to be hard walking in them!


  1. You might not buy shoes/stuff,that doesnt fit you, but someone else might do that for you..gift you something that doesnt fit you,so you need to let the person fit in your stuff to realise the pain you are feeling..and the suffering yor are going through!!

  2. sometimes, if we are fortunate, we may have people in our life...whom without your even asking them to...can put themselves in your shoes..and they even know where it pinches ...and attempt all that they can to stop the hurt...if possible.....

    i have found that there are many different kind of people in the world....some are very open to different perspectives and accepting of other's opinions....some even make a living walking in other's shoes....and help them smooth out the places that pinch...;0

    it may be hard walking in another' shoes...but walking along with a different set of shoes, and a friend inside those shoes for company.....may make a difficult journey go by faster and be a lot of fun too... do try it sometimes...you may even enjoy this different perspective this offers ;00

  3. @Joy: rightly said and nicely written :))

  4. Agree with Anony too :))

    But P too has a point.. why wear someone's shoe when you can return it and find your Cinderella? ;)))

  5. @ Vaishali
    interesting perspective!

    @ Joy
    I could not agree with you more, however in my opinion you are overengineering what I wrote by adding one more pair of shoes and legs :) There are times when one really does not need another pair... even in real world, I have lived 3 years with just 2 pairs :P and then I got some lovely pairs added to my kitty and I love them :) both in the literal and philosophical sense!

    There is always a chance of the journey being better, faster or the other way round, however that is something cannot be generalised.

    Having said all of this, tell me how many times did you really buy shoes that did not fit? (from a shoe store I mean, and also how many times did you actually leave some shoes behind just because there was something about them that you did not like, even though they seem to fit just fine)

    It might be just the phrase that I was writing about :P

  6. Interesting POVs!

    I sometimes have trouble walking in my own shoes...not that they didn't fit right...but something changed...time to get new ones???


  7. since you ask....i have too many shoes/ sandals ...funnily..of them several, i have bought, just because i liked them, even though they did not really fit too well...and at times were even totally inappropriate..i always feel that i will be able to manage with a little bit of discomfort ...cause i really like a pair..

    but perhaps i would be better off doing as you suggest..and get rid of the pairs that cause discomfort...


  8. @ Jas
    ever wondered why our shoe size does not increase after a certain age? Are we too strongly moulded into our own opinions that its gets too difficult to change sizes!

    what started with my discomfort with a phrase, is turning out into an interesting discussion! nice!

    @ J
    ab to kuch bhi bol sakta main :P

    have fun with the shoes :)

  9. Interesting discussion :)