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of driving and drivers

You can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he drives on the road!

I was told this sometime in 1999, when I had taken a lift from Mayur Vihar to Pragati Maidan and then the gentlemen went on to talk about some of the drivers and how they were handling their vehicles on the road... It was a very interesting 30 minute discussion, and the thought has been there in my mind ever since! I notice how people handle and drive their vehicles, and map it back to how they are, including myself.

My theory is that while you are at the steering wheel, over a period of time you are driving with your sub-concious mind. This is the reason why the clutch, the gear shift, the horn, the dipper, the brake, the accelerator seem to be working together seamlessly while you become a part of the car, in a way!

And if my way of driving has to tell anything about me, it is that....

1. I have stopped rushing into a lot of things... an empty road does not mean a hard press on the gas!

2. I feel very contented with where I am, I see the road ahead and am more than willing to take the journey, and I see the rear view mirror to see the distance I have covered

3. I still get very annoyed at displays of irresponsibility and recklessness. I think Angry is a more appropriate word!

4. I am agressive in my approach

5. I do not get bothered by the surrounding noise. Even if I do, it takes a while for it to get to my head. Mostly I am involved in my own thoughts for the noise to be irritating

6. I like to give way and be patient.

7. I like to be protective and possesive of the things in my perimeter.

8. I hate being judged because of a few instances. Observations, alright! Judgements! get lost!

9. I do not mind changing pace depending on the situations... I do not have not go at the same speed always, and its ok to slow down

10. I ENJOY where I am!

Most of these seem to be hovering around the same point! interesting!


  1. :)

    Very well-written.
    We all totally love this driver :P

  2. @ Anony
    This post has nothing to do with loving the driver!

    but thanks! :)

  3. achha analysis hai....of your personality ...via your driving technique...

    but, i do remember some one telling me very recently, that my driving is not in keeping with my personality... ;p....to aab...i am perhaps a multi-faceted personality...lol

    but to be fair to your post...mood par bhi depend karta hai and situation par...

  4. i re-read post..and was totally floored at how well you know yourself...and how your driving displays this so much..and that you were able to draw a parallel......well done indeed...

    but why DUI, in the labels...

  5. That is why I like to sit on the passenger side... 3 hurrays to my chaffeur

  6. badi content driving hai.....

    tum booooodhe ho rahe ho !! :P

  7. Wow!! Thats some kind of introspection..you seem to be so content and satisfied in life..at
    peace with yourself!!
    I wish analyse myself similarly!!

  8. Hmm... thought provoking... so it tells more or less about how we deal with things in our lives, just about everything. Good read.