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I was doing this fun quiz on Blogthings and this is what it had to say about me..

"You shine brightly and are best in small doses. Too much of your company can be overwhelming and even dangerous."

How so very true !

:D I love blogthings !

and its cricket time today... Gawd I suck at it !!! Lets see how big a fool I make out of myself on that ground !


  1. Hehehe..goodone..but i think too much of anything and anybody alwys spoils the fun..small doses rock!!
    No one around can handle me in large doses as well..

  2. True. :)
    But agree with Vaishali too. :)

    Cricket? Haha... enjoy!!

  3. is it not raining? i hate today's weather.

  4. :D

    Yes, an overdose of anything is dangerous.

    Tussi bat-ball khelne ja rahe ho? oye! All the best for the match. ek-do chakke marr de aana...:P
    (My Punjabi teacher, Jas, has to tell me if this is CARRACT...hehehe)

  5. some of us like things in excess...and like the feeling of being overhelmed...like loads of gooey chocolate cake....or loads of tequila....and there are some other things i can think of ;)

    i'm guessing you know who this is :))

  6. "Dangerous"...{{{{Shudder}}}}


    Pher, cricket kidd-an si, chauke-chakke maare ke nahin, ke fata fat out ho gaye??? :P

    @Rhapsody: Tussi mainu "teacher" da darja ditta...dil khush ho gaya. :)
    Bahut vadhiya punjabi likhi hai tussi...bas "khelne" nu "khelan" vich bad-al do. :)

  7. @ Vaishali
    ye to hai... sahi baat boli aapne...

    @ Richa

    @ Geet
    arre it was raining but it started after the first innings :D pehle hamari batting ho gai thi... 10 over mein 80 run maare... gaurav ne phod diya !!!

    @ Swati

    bat ball nai be... gend balla...

    @ Anony

    @ Jas
    totally dangerous !

    yaar batting da mauka ee nai mileya !!

  8. My batting sucks as well...I can throw a decent ball though. I am bowled out @ the very first ball I face (most of the time), and then I refuse to budge, I insist that I be bowled out 10 times. See, I am pretty spoilt! :D