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Introducing Thirty on Thirty

I would be lying if I say that I have been waiting for this to happen... but there is nothing that can possibly stop it...

I am talking about turning 30 !!! No it's not my birthday today, though its just round the corner not too far in future !

I had planned a rail trip for myself originally but that really did not work out and I have no reason to complaint, but then I don't like not being able to travel like I thought I will... anyway...

I guess at the back of my mind I was troubled by the fact that I going to turn "old" and this birthday is not memorable... and then lightening struck ( somewhere in this world) and I had an idea...

First lets go through the thoughts !

Not so random thought 1
I am turning 30

Random thought 2
April has 30 days

Random thought 3
I have wanted to do some fund raising

Random thought 4
I would like to sell a few photographs

Random thought 5
hmm... so?

Random thought 6
Wait a minute... why don't I sell 30 photographs to raise 30000 rupees in these 30 days on my 30th birthday...

The thought seemed fine... the next evening I put a few thoughts together and sent it to some friends... next morning to the next evening most of them responded with very encouraging words... I realized this can work out.. and a small team was formed...

Me, Subhadip, Bhoomi and Swati got together through emails and build something together... its been a li'il tough to meet the April 1st deadline but looks like we are good to go... Need to thank Arvin David for helping out with the logo and Ashish Goel (from iTasveer.com) to help with the printing and shipping needs in India...

please do check out http://www.30on30.net

Its my way of making this month of 2009 memorable for me...

Hope you like it !!!!


  1. We likes it mucho!
    All th ebest for it.

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  3. Yipee! Finally managed to launch it on April 1. Shaabash!!!

    All the best! :D

  4. Nice idea. Also recently celebrated that milestone - I do feel older for the first time in my life. Not to scare you or anything. That's just me. =)

  5. Dearest Murari, Subhadip, Bhoomi and Swati,

    Congratulations guys! the initiative is rocking and the site looks great.

    kudos to you all for all the great work.

    All the best,


  6. Yes, we love it.
    All the very best for it!!

  7. Good Luck man...
    nice initative :D

  8. Thanks omie for considering me for this wonderful thought. i'm sure god will shower his blessings on you ek dil khol ke on this b'day :)

  9. All the best, bro. details r in the mail :)

  10. Excellent Idea and COngrats to the team ! Happy 30!

  11. i am sure it wud get u mcuh more than 30k.....good luck to you and congrats to everyone :)

  12. Will make it a success :)

    And welcome to the 30+ club :P

  13. @B. O'Hemian: LOL!
    That's a good one, Shubadip ;)

  14. Great initiative guys..All the very best!!

  15. Breath-taking photographs, great thought and very well executed. Best. d.

  16. Congratulations. Great project.

    Just a thought about one of the pictures on that site. Its named falling in love.. If you do not know the kid or have her parent's permission to sell that picture things can get a lil tricky. Better to play safe and follow the rules.

  17. @ Jas
    thanks :)

    @ Swati
    :) yea... jaan le li thi kuch logon ne to launch it that quick... par ho gaya :)

    @ Shireena
    :) I might feel older... or better... lets see... how is on that side of the decade though?

    @ Bindiya
    :) thanks !

    @ Friends4ever

    @ Richa
    :) I am glad you do

    @ Chakoli
    thanks !!

    @ Bhoomi
    :) I am glad to be working with you on this... I am sure God would be kind enough to make this month and year a real memorable one :)

    @ Anoop
    thanks bro... I hope you have looked that Harley photograph :) Had you in mind when I was selecting it

    @ Shivi
    :) thanks budds

    @ Deepu
    thanks bro... I am hoping it does..

    @ Subbu
    you bet bro... have something more to discuss with you... will catch you online sometime..

    30+ club rocks !!! but wait I have a few more days in the 30- club... :P

    @ Vaishali
    thanks !!!

    @ Dithi
    :) thanks !!!

    @ Vinita

    and thanks for that word of caution... I did consult a few people regarding that point and got some very different opinions as well...

    I will take care :)

  18. :D
    kabhi kabhi jaan lena zaroori hota hai...hehehehe
    But honestly, tu champ hai. You managed it. :)

  19. nive initiative....
    quite innovativeness in celebrating a milestone in ur life:))good,good...
    u look at 30 in a better light than brooding "damn, i m turning thirty!!!:X:X:(( "" (i dont know whether single boys do that but have seen movies depicting women like that :)))

  20. thirty thousand ?
    for your caliber you should be add a couple of more zeros.

  21. @ Swati
    yea right !!!


    @ WishesGalore
    thanks !!!

    na na no damns when I turn 30... I am sure I would be feeling a li'il low while leaving the twenties behind but then lets see... there is a whole new thirties ahead of me...

    would you still call someone a "boy" when he is 30 :P

    @ Anony
    thanks for the reassuring words... someday I will add the couple of more zeros and make it happen !

  22. Bhai very happy to see you doing something worthwhile, than just getting drunk and dancing on the pole on your thirtieth.

    All the best. Hope to see you soon.
    Will write you email soon.

  23. oh, c'mon you are not 30 yet..:D so you can be given this honour of being boy still;))...i fear this may be the last time someone have called you a boy!!!:D:D

  24. @ Abhi
    oh com'on.... I don't think I can EVER have as much fun as I had on your birthday last year !!! one of the BEST evenings I had !!!

    and thanks bro... waiting for your email

    @ Adi
    thanks !

    @ WishesGalore
    :P thank you thank you :)

    yea this might just be the last time !!!

  25. Hey I am including a link on my blog!

  26. Done and btw welcome to the thirties club!

  27. Thanks Chintan..

    how is the thirties club? anything exciting on the cards? :)

  28. Hey,
    nice blog.
    I stumbled upon it through NGOPost...
    Keep it going.. :)


  29. very good initiative.
    Im also spreading the words.

    Hope you get many orders.