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30on30 Updates

The 30on30 Project got an overwhelming response from friends all around. Here are some of the highlights so far:

1. Reached the initial goal of raising Rs. 30000
2. Decided to not stop there
3. Revised the goal to Rs. 50000 and are about 5K short of it as of today
4. Even if we reach 50K we would try to continue raising some money till 30th April and do as much as possible

Thank you everyone who has participated, appreciated, purchased, promoted, and wished for the success of the project.

And like I said, its not over yet !!! There is still more than a week to go.. please do spread the word around if you have not yet done that.


  1. Hey thats great!
    Good job there! :)

  2. Cheating....kiddan? Samajh nayi aayi! :0

  3. Tussi Kedi language'ch comment likheya si?

  4. Oh oh...hun ja ke samajh aayi! :D
    Main bhull gayi si! Maaf kar do ji! :D
    Itthe Kaneda vich reh ke bas gori ban gayi han! Lol!

  5. ooh wow awesome awesome news !! I am working on an order for you in India.. lets see- it will definitely be before 30th April.

  6. Hey congratulations..All the best for more!!

  7. Congrats! I have spread the word around in my lil way... have liked one photograph quite a lot, will let u know if i would like to buy it.

    All the best!

  8. Bhai great news...... I wish that you achieve even higher target than this one.
    You are making a difference......for sure.

    Regards and all the best

  9. @ Geet
    thank you darling

    @ Jas
    ok hai ji

    @ Swati

    @ Shivi
    thanks shivi... I hope to get the order :)

    @ Vaishali
    thanks !

    @ Anjuli
    thanks a ton ! :)

    @ Abhi
    thanks bro.. I am hoping we cross 50K and secretly wishing that we reach 60K I am not sure if that is going to happen, but lets see..

    thanks for your wishes bro !

  10. Happy to know that... Great work... :)