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and she...

It had been raining all night... literally !

She had not slept for a second ...

The sound of the rain drops, the sound of the wind passing through her windows, and her tears kept her awake...

The morning came... it had to...

And as she walked out of her house...

the cold breeze greeted her and said good morning...

the warm sun came out of the clouds and said a shining smiling hello...

some birds flew past her chirping all sweet nothings into her ears...

and she... she smiled !

and moved on...

... and before you reach any conclusions... I was not crying the last night :P I have been very very happy with the way 30on30 has been received ! Have responded to over 40 people, must have read/written at least 150 emails in the last three days about the 30on30 project... Have placed the first order for the the prints.. have a commitment of over Rs. 10000... have Rs. 4000 transferred as well... The month has started on a brilliant note !!!


  1. hahaha

    I'm elated. Really.
    30on30 has been received so well.
    Every email, comment, word of appreciation n encouragement and order placed at 30on30 is just adding to my happiness...and my smile is just getting bigger and bigger :)

    I'm so happy to be a part of this.

    HIGH FIVE to you, Bhumika and Subhadip :)
    30on30 Rocks and you are indeed a ROCKSTAR! :)

  2. oh ok and in between all the excitement I forgot to mention that the pics in this post are amazing esp the first one :)

  3. Great initiative - sent you an email.

  4. Arre wah..mazza aa gaya!!
    Goodey good hai Prashant!!

  5. not for a sec i felt that u were toking about urself.. while going through what u wrote :P

    anyway.. i followed few of ur blogs read about th 30 on 30 thing... its a great thing u guys are doing.. and felt good that u guys are going good.. [:)] all the very best[:)]

  6. I agree to chasmebadoor...
    even I never thot while reading that post that it was you...

    but curious to knw who was it :PP

    congrats dear for ur success...
    good luck :D :D

  7. :)the month has started on a good note for all of us, thanks to you!

    really happy abt the response 30on30has recd and am glad to have met swati and subbu through this project :)

  8. @ Swati

    yea 30on30 rocks !!!!

    and thanks

    @ Chintan
    thanks !!!

    @ Vaishali

    @ Arpita
    to theek hai :) Actually the breeze, the sun and the birds things happened to me in the morning but I somehow forgot mentioning that here in the excitement of writing about 30on30...

    thank you for your wishes !!!

    @ Chakoli
    :) good good !!!

    the morning wali things happened to me... and i just made up the parts before and after :)

    thank you so much !!!

    @ Bhoomi

  9. the one for whom it was would feel blessed for the post,for the bright new day, life promises after a storm

    & N yeah 30on30 is a wonderful initiative,it lights more than a candle as it drives the darkness away :)

  10. I am happy to be a part of 30on30 - and I have put that on my twitter stream :-D

    I got my print today, and man, you just made my day :-D

  11. Loved the notes n the pic of the clouds....Actually loved the way u've rhymed the words with the picture.

  12. I am practising "Happy Birthday to you" - Himesh style :P

    When we meet again, we will have an Absolut-ly wonderful party. What say?

  13. @ Me
    fiction.. total fiction :)

    thanks for your kind words about 30on30

    @ Anoop
    you are an important part bro.. the first one to get the prints :)

    am glad you liked the prints :)

    @ Sam
    :) thanks... will do

    @ Diana
    thanks !

    @ Subbu
    hehe.. could you throw in a bit of tera tera tera suroooooooooor and tak tana nana nana tandoori nights too...

    Himess reminds me of Leh :)

    we sure will have an absolut(ly) wonderful party... done deal !!