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Time for a bit of change...

1. Seat moved from the 13th to the 7th floor

2. Need to share the cubicle now... so much for being the vendor and not an employee

3. Will take a while to adjust to the new seat... different height of the keyboard, monitor, docking station

4. Will miss the view of the MAM and the lake...


  1. No view from the current work space...

    All we have is confines of concrete walls, annoying hum of the deep freezers and other devices, walk out into the hallways and more freezers and referigerators, copier machines. Even if there is a tornado outside, we wouldn't know (not that we get those here, but if we did,and unless the whole complex was sucked into it, we really wouldn't know).

    Worst is during the winters, you come into work and its dark and you leave and its dark...no contact with daylight at all at times...

    Sorry, no more complaining! :D

  2. Aww...
    Chalo, koi baat nahi. I'm sure, you will adjust soon.

    Take care.

  3. time for huge huge change...

  4. Hmmm..but isnt change the spice of life..Iam sure you will start liking this place soon..very soon..Good luck!!

  5. aray its just about a seat...I am sure you have gone through bigger changes in life and come out with shining results. So this is nothing at all....Talk to your seat am sure you will like it sooner :D

  6. I don't even have a seat at work. Just a chair. :)
    I'm sure you can manage well. :)

  7. I am sure you will adjust and adjust well... you wrote in the last post about moving out of comfort zone... guess this is also moving out of comfort zone.

  8. Only seat is moved or seat level also moved up?

  9. @ Jas
    O Teri !!! ek sher aa gaya

    Doosro ka ghum dekha to main apna ghum bhool gaya


    @ Swati
    oh this is definitely not an AWW time :) I usually do not get troubled by "factual" things

    @ Burf
    baat to sahi hai bhai :)

    @ Vaishali
    you bet... par shared cubical mein koi spice nahin hai :P and missing out on that amazing view bhi thoda sa ajeeb hai !!!

    @ ~Me
    you bet

    @ Richa
    hain !! chair... how do you work sitting on the chair? koi desk/computer/laptop kuch to hoga..

    I am imagining you sitting on a chair in the middle/corner of a room... thoda sa ajeeb sa lag raha hai :D

    @ Subbu
    haan bhai, no sweat ! :)

    the comfort zone note was about starting to work with a few people who are very negative in their approach and are tough ones to work with!!! lets see..

    @ Paavani
    Level 13 se Level 7 par aa gaya :) no moving up as of now :P

  10. Hahaa.... computer bhi nahi diye, so I carry my own laptop. No desk given as such, so I squeeze in between two guys and bother all three of us with cramped up space. Jab bahut hadd ho jati hai toh main neeche conference room mein chali jati hoon. The nice VP told me I can use the internet there if I need to work on something (obviously, jahan I squeeze in wahan mujhe kisi internet port pe bhi access nahi milta). :D
    Oh, and my laptop actually does sit on my laps for most part of the day. So.. you see... it's not a very comfortable/pleasant 9 hours that I spend at work. But theek hai... not really complaining. It's just amusing. :)

  11. o bhai saab !!!!

    hudd hai :D

    enjoy maadi full time !!! I can visualize a bit better now :D

  12. :)

    Tujhe pata hai there is a chain of restaurants in the US called Arby's :)

  13. I shouldn't really complain about the lack of view or connection to the outside world as I have the whole lab all to myself, and an office (my boss's but he's got two so one of them is mine!)and I can play all my hindi, punjabi and angrezi songs full blast at all the time!

    Adjustment kiddan chal rahi hai nawein cubicle vich??

  14. btw, oh sher bahut wadhiya hai! :D