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(चाय और चम्पी ) Chai aur Champi !

Kshitiz had a post on flickr a couple of days back which was something about why he was going back to India, and his response was that he does not get the roadside tea here !

I could not agree with him more...

If there were a few reasons why I want to go back to India, not being able to park my car and have tea/food in a dhaba would be in the top 5... What a blessing it is to enjoy a different kind of food and tea, every 100 kms in a open air dhaba... and here, all you get is Subways, Wendy's, McDonalds and so on and so forth... sab kuch ek jaisa !

Another reason and very silly one that is, would be not getting the proper hair cream... I have not been able to find any hair cream that I like so far here in the US.. my biggest issue is the huge number of options for almost every issue for your hair, and not one which says non sticky hair cream !!! aargh...

Anyway, this weekend I managed to find something from Garnier that looks and feels like my favorite Parachute After Shower... though this one does not smell as nice as Parachute... Monday morning when I used it, I was so happy !!! finally !!!!

Oh and one more... the 10 rupe ki champi that I get at my hair dresser !!!

I going to move out of my comfort zone and path of least resistance at work soon... It is for doing the right thing, so hoping it works !!!


  1. last line kuch samajh ni aayi.

  2. the picture at the end ...of self ..brought instant smile ..like garam chai :)

  3. all the best .... am sure it will all work out for the best for you!

    hair cream as finally.... but don't sweat...

    dont think i can ever stay away from india for too long.....am longing for the sights sounds, smells....and most important...the taste of home...

  4. ahhhhh finally not

  5. Sach yaar! dhabe ki garma-garam chai and champi...wah! jab aap thakkey huay hoon aur yeh mil jaye to kitna maja...kitna araam milta hai.

    Chai ke glass ke picture ..ek dum mast hai. Dekhtay hi 'Chaiyaas' lagne lagti hai.

    You look like Mr. Bean in this pic. But for some reason teri yeh pic ko dekh kar hansi aati par uss Mr. Bean ko dekh kar gussa...:)

    aur iss post o padne ke baad mujhe champi karane ka bahut mann kar raha hai. Iss Sunday to' champi time' hoyega..pakka :)k

  6. to aapke in chote chote baalon ka raaz yehi to nahi ke aapko pasnad ki hair cream nahi milti??
    waise, agar wahan pe chaay ke kaafi deewane hain to wahan pe highway pe dhaba khol sakte hain;) [remeber tht dhabe wala in Swades]
    btw, U know wat.. bachpan me main badi chaay piya karta tha.. uske bina to jaise din ki shuruaat hi na ho.. aur fir, almost ekdum band kar di.. something like, 2-3 mahine me ek baar..
    aur ab, fir se thodi-thodi shuru kar di hai..lekin sirf khoob kadhi hui.. not the tea bag ones..
    the pic is really nice.. kya bulbule hain.. :)

  7. haha...you are spared! For a change I am rading this post in morning with my morning cuppa Elaichi T gripped tightly between my hands :) what a lovely photo of T that...every time I look at it I can smell the aroma...
    good day!

  8. chai chai garam chai..... always brings a smile

  9. I don't think I would want to leave India...ever!! :)

  10. Haan yaar... tu reh kaise raha hai? Wapas aa ja. Rishikesh camp sites pohoch ne se pehle, Muni ki reti cross karke ek chai ki dukaan hai... wahan chai peene chalte hai.

  11. Koi na..agar abhi aur bhi time rehna hai , to try finding out solutions..Dhaabe ki chai nhn to hotel ki hi sahi..

    Haan last line to mujhe bhi samjh nahin aayi :-(

  12. Hehe .. nice post..
    Chai waala pic is Mast :)

  13. @ Geet
    arre wo note to myself hai :) don't worry about it

    @ FighterJet

    @ Anony

    @ Swati
    I love Mr. Bean... one of the finest :)

    @ Sunny
    arre chote baal par hi to hair cream badiya lagti hai... long hair are so unmanageable !!!

    about chai, I used to avoid it like crazy till I started working !!! aur ab.. uff !!!

    thanks :)

    @ Reeta

    @ Aseem
    you bet bro

    @ Sam
    :) I would not say Amen to that... ek baar to banta hai :)

    @ Subbu
    haan bhai right hand side par hai :) pakka chalenge... aur Robindro Shodon ke paas bhi ek chai ki dukaan hai, wahan bhi chalenge !

    @ Vaishali
    hotel ki bhi dip dip milti hai... useless chai ekdum !!!

    leave the last line:)

    @ Kshitiz

  14. Dhaabe de garma garam aloo de paranthe te tazza dahi te makhan te naal garma garam cha...muh vich bahut paani aa gaya...

    The first time I went back to India, my Dad came to pick me up from the airport and we took the "Indo-Canadian" bus from the airport to Jalandhar. Somewhere in the middle of the night it stopped at a dhaba. Fresh paranthas were being made and I started salivating so much. I must have eaten 2-3 parathas (they were big sized one, not the mini kinds!). Yummy....Ajj vi yaad kar ke bahut tez bhukh lag jaandi hai...

  15. mere cubicle'ch to flood hi aa jaanda haiga :D

  16. Lol! I hope you have a floatation device! :D

  17. nai ji nai... koi device nahin haigi... laptop nu raft bana liyanga, aur writing pad nu chappu :D