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The bridge and bus of Orchha!

A few friends went on a trip together to place they had never been to... Prashant, Deepak, Priyanka, Kavita, and Anjali...

The train journey to Jhansi, and the bus trip from Jhansi to Khajuraho was great(9 types of horns that bus had, and the driver was more than happy blowing them to amuse us all the way)... walking around in Khajuraho was great... realizing that Khajuraho is not only about Kamasutra was great...

taking an unplanned jungle safari was great...

realising that Poha, some local chutney, aalu tikki, pineapple dahi, could make a trip memorable was great...

And then the gang reach Orccha... and on this orccha evening something happened...

These 5 to be good photographers were clicking at the banks of the Betwa River, which has a bridge connecting the two sides... one side is populated by Orchha and the other by I don't know what... This bridge is not too wide a bridge, maybe good for two scooters from either directions, or one car and one scooter approaching each other from opposite ends, or a few cycles together... bring a bus on the bridge, and she is the queen of the bridge.. there is no space for anyone else...

Priyanka was clicking on the other side of the bridge and started walking towards Orchha slowly, she had covered just about a quarter of the bridge when she saw a bus coming from orchha towards her... the option was to walk back and wait for the bus to cross, or to run towards the bus and cross the bridge before the bus comes onboard...

Priyanka chose the latter, and decide to run towards the bus...

No points for guessing that the bus was a bit faster than what it was expected it to be! and it reached the bridge while Priyanka was still on the it...

Now because the bus was packed, and there was no space to climb it either, Priyanka had to walk all the way back towards the other end, with the bus following her slowly...

We did not realize this had happened till she told us about the incident later in the evening and we all almost died laughing... The bus above is the same bus, and I was wondering why did it stop on the bridge :) Now I know :D

I still smile at this incident...

I also remember this trip because this was my first trip with the dSLR.. and I had gone crazy taking pictures, and most of them were rubbished by my photography guru and friend Gaurav...

p.s. Priyanka, if you read this, its not to make fun of you or anything, its just to remember that amazing trip we guys had and because someone had commented on the picture of the bus recently and I though that the bus event deserves a special mention here...

Oh, and how did I forget mentioning about that Auto Driver who brought us to Jhansi from Orchha... what a singer... phew !!! :D

Check out some more pictures from that trip here.

Original post about the trip here.


  1. hahaha that must be a great trip with so many friends.

  2. @ Geet
    oh you bet !!! it was such a nice trip... the walking around, the italian food, jeep ride, photography, conversations, too good !!!

  3. ha ha ha..that was great :)

    and the nine types of Bus horn !must be great exp.

  4. O teesri photo, tinn photo khichen waleyaan di photo, bahut pasand aayi.

    Te Lol@ bus de naal race bridge utte. Main wi istarab hi karna si!!! :D

    Ik waar Salt Lake City vich main airport layi jo taxi layi, oh taxi walla Jamaica ton si shayaad...Amitabh Bacchan da fan...kenda usdiyaan saariyan filman dekhiyan si ohne...gaane su-naan lag paya mainu...aapne wallon hindi vich gaa reha si par mainu kuch samajh nahin si aa rahi! Baar baar mainu kahe, "You don't know this one"...te main soch rahi si ke Bhai, teri hindi mainu samajh nahi aa rahi! :D

    Punjabi samajh aa rahi hai na! :D

  5. The trip sound so much fun. Really nice pics.

    @Jas: :)
    pst..pst...I love Punjabi par mujhe bolni nahi aati. Lage haanth main bhi seekhti ja rahi hoon. Thanks!
    Chai ke dukaan main to coaching classes bhi start ho gaye....

  6. the trip was so much fun bhai..........everything in that trip had some uniqueness around it....i would still like to go to orchha few more times.....its a beautiful place........

    and dont talk abt the bus incident, i missed the shot of the entire trip :(

  7. Rhapsody...
    The beauty of "Chai Ki Dukaan"...gather, meet, chat, discuss and learn a new language! :)

    PB ji, mainu mu-aaf karna angrezi 'ch comment karan waaste! :)

  8. hehe..I seriously couldnt stop smiling..sahi raha hoga..IAm sure people inside the bus would also be laughin seeing her run like that!!

  9. Oh and BTW..amzaing photos hain..

  10. @ FighterJet

    oh those horns were some engineering !!! even songs in there..

    @ Jas
    oh saade yaaran di photu hegi ! aur wo priyanka wala kissa te full time funny seega !!

    jamaican fan bollywood ka... mast haiga... wo tuanu koi gaana gaakke sunaya ke nai?

    Punjabi ne le li :P samajh to gaya.. likhne mein uff... kitta time laga

    @ Swati
    o you bet... it was amazing...

    @ Deepu
    haan re...

    oh I remember you were on the other side and could have taken the picture :D oops !!!

    I want to go to Orccha as well a couple of times more... sometime soon i guess

    @ Jas
    maafi de di ji... aap to bas hum chai ki dukaan de ikk punjabi di paathshala khol do !

    @ Vaishali
    :) arre bahut hi sahi thaa

    thanks :)

  11. Yeah, he sang quite a few songs but I couldn't get them (he thought he was singing in hindi but sounded Jamaican to me!). But it was a pretty entertaining taxi ride!

    Shabaash, Punjabi likhen te! :D