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getting there...

Slowly but surely I am loosing my patience for the weather here in Milwaukee... It continues to stays cold.. under 5 degrees Celsius... with rain and wind and occasional snow...

a week back thinking about the Spring was easier, and now its just getting build into a desperate cry for some warm(er) weather !!!

And this weekend was a movie weekend... well almost..


  • Monsters Vs. Aliens (Beautiful animation... my favorite being the character of BOB... there is so much that you can see in the eyes when you are watching an animation movie... loved it.. )
  • Straight (Vinay Pathak needs to get out of roles that focus on self pity... he is getting boring and very very predictable... Need a helping of Bheja Fry to get over this one ! I felt it was slow movie... at least the first half was very very slow)
  • Alu Chat (A lot of people have not really liked this one, but I really enjoyed the movie... some dragging parts here and there, but overall a decent one time watch.. even laughed out loud at a few scenes... worth it... felt that Saurabh Shukla should have been in the movie, though Manoj Pahwa is an excellent actor, I still missed Saurabh Shukla)
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (Though I have seen these, but I want to see all the Harry Potter movies again... and then will watch the Pirate's of the Carribean series followed by Matrix)
  • and a lot of episodes of Scrubs (Season 3... I really like JD and Elliot... there is something about them that I relate to so well.. and Dr. Cox and the Janitor are lovely characters as well)
I wanted to watch Fast and Furious, however I am not going to see it on the laptop... it needs a big screen.. for that matter almost all firangi action movies do.. and animations as well.. I am hoping to watch it next week and then Transformers-II is coming as well... need to find an iMAX for it.. not watching it on the regular cinema screen by any chance...


  1. It has already so HOT here in Delhi. eesh!
    I wish... I could send the HOT WEATHER to you there in Milwaukee and ask you to send some rain, wind and snow to Delhi.
    Desperately waiting for monsoons and winters.

  2. @ Swati..
    yea april is hot in Delhi... another couple of months I guess maybe three and July should bring some monsoon along !!!

    trust me you do not want the rain, wind and snow which is here, in Delhi... what is called windy here is a storm back home !!!

  3. its full of sunshine here..... :)))...thinking of taking a swim :P ...will do a couple of chapak chapaks furr ya ;)

  4. @ Joy...

    welcome welcome :)

    pliss do that chapak chapaks for me !!!

  5. NY mein rain thi weekend pe, jisko chahiye please le jao yahan se.. i need my sunshine back.... arsa hogaya bechare sooraj ko dekhe.. na jaane kis haal mein hai bechara..

    Spring aayega aayega... May touch hone do bus (hehhee 1 mnth at a time)

  6. This week is going to be bright and balmy out here, temps. ranging between 12-15 degrees! :)

    Hold on a little, its eventually gonna get better...as for us, in Calgary we get snow into May!!!

    Fast and Furious (Ahhh Vin Diesel is back!), Tranformers II, Star Trek and Wolverine (I love Hugh Jackman) are on my list!

  7. We are also getting there... sun-stroke inducing heat, I mean!

    I watched LOTR again. There is this new English movie channel called WB here... love the movies they show!

  8. Fast and Furious and Transformers II - I am waiting to watch them in the movie hall :)

    (its HOT in bangalore - can we exchange the weather? :) )

  9. its so hot here! Courier some snow :d

    btw I only saw Fast & furious from your list.
    Its good. And a good decision too (cancelled 8x10 Tasveer)

  10. @ Shivi...
    your last line reminded me of a dialogue from the movie Karan Arjun...

    when Rakhi says... mere karan arjun aayenge :D almost pictured you saying similar thing about the spring !!

    @ Jas
    good for you !!! enjoy :)

    main to dukhi ho gaya hoon will all this cold... and for some strange reason the weather is bad in the morning, evening and on weekends ... how cool is that?

    nice list there :)

    @ Subbu

    WB mein WB sahi hai bhai... LOTR mujhe samajh hi nahin aai the first time i saw it... phir dekhunga... hindi mein shayad :P

    @ Anoop
    same here... laaaaaaaaaaaarge screen hall that too...

    hot in bangalore? I thought Bangalore never gets hot !!!

    and trust me you do not want the weather here... half the bangalore would get a shock :P

    @ Paavani
    :) will do :) will deep freeze the snow and send it across :)

    Tasveer 8X10 nahin hoti :) 8X12 honi chahiye :P

  11. hehe..your comments seemed mor like a weather bulletiwn to me..kewl..poore world ka temperature ad weathr pata chal gaya!!
    well hope the sun shines soon!!

    And yeah..i Liked Aloo chat too!! (may be because of the fact that i saw it in the threatre, and all the movies I watch there are usually enjoyed and appreciaited by me..atleast because I pay some attention) :P
    plus i saw "anywhere but hme" which was a light comedy..and also Tasveer (which I again liked because of obvious reasons)

  12. I too liked Aloo Chaat and Harry Potter series is an all time favorite :-)

    U want it warm ... Man, visit India. North or South, it is HOT :-|

  13. Oh and BTW I just noticed this "Garam Chai" thingy instead of "comments"...acha Idea hai for Chai Ki Dukkan

  14. too much of anything makes it boring :)

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  16. You liked Aloo Chaat!! :D I didn't think too much of the story but I liked the whole typical punjabi family backdrop.. was quite entertaining! :)

  17. @ Vaishali...
    the sun is shining nice and bright today :) still cold but warmer than the weekend...

    anywhere but home.. let me see if I can catch that one sometime...

    yea I felt Garam chai makes more sense than just comments :)

    @ Sangfroid

    I want it warm(er) than what it is right now... I am ok being away from the heat :)

    @ FighterJet
    yea... Ati har cheez ki buri hoti hai

    @ NZ
    yea the story was no big deal, but the entire package was something that i could enjoy... also maybe because I was not expecting to be worth watching anyway, I was happy to smile and laugh at a few scenes :)