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Good Morning...

Today was a strange day.... Empty... and thats how its ending as well EMPTY !!!

To that extent that suddenly at 2230 hrs, I got up, packed my bag, and told mom that I was going out... She could see it on my face that there was something wrong, she asked, I could not tell... I did not know myself either !!!

I just wanted to go out... It was probably because Sehwag was just caught out and I was hoping that Delhi would win the semi final, but the first over itself told me that Rajasthan Royals would win !!!

They eventually won the well deserving match too... I am now seriously hoping that they win the IPL trophy as well !!! All the best Shane Warne, you have done what I really wanted to witness !!! Congratulations and thank you !!!

Ok so back to my sad story :P...

I drove out... really looking for some solace, or some company... loving being alone and at the same time being lonely... and i just drove around and a little more around finally to reach somewhere !!!

But the tiger is still in the cage !!! The cage changes shape according to how the tiger moves, but the darn cage stays !!! Its sad to see myself like this... I can do so bloody much and I am not being able to ! Just being played around by circumstances and more !

Let me give myself a deadline :) I like it !!! 1 week... lets make a difference dude, You and ME!!!


  1. Shoo the emptyness away soon. Good luck. :-)

  2. Its all in the mind !! Keep ur mind fixed to the goal and you will be fine..

  3. # Anony...
    yo !!!

    # Anony...
    Its easy to give gyan when one does not know of the situation... thanks anyway !!!

  4. I know what you mean. The restlessness is freezing you. It takes 'that hour' ... that moment of 'I have to' ... and 'I will' has to come to overcome it.

    And Deadlines do help.

    Hope you achieve it on time :)

    Good luck !

  5. Going through pretty much the same kinda patch so can't really say anything for you but dedlines is a good idea, probably I'll take that up myself..

  6. Ohh...hope you achieve what you want soon. And how stupid of me...while coming back yesterday around 10.30 pm, I passed the citibank and almost thought of calling you ki chal om, chai peetae hain ya drive pe nikalte hain. Then did not call, thinking you must have slept. Kya yaar, mere saath hote tou lonely nahi feel karta. Agli baar, call karna, samjhe duffer. Remember "That way?" haan wohi...

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  8. # Neeku...
    hmm... I am not in a position to do what I'd ideally like to do... its impossible ( however much I hate the usage of that word, but I don't have a better word right now)

    Having said that I CAN do a few things :) I will :)

    thanks !!!

    # Sam...
    All the best... Lets review our progress in a weeks time :)

    # Mon...
    I will... atleast a part of it, the one I can manage... ALONE !!!

    I had just left around that time... Would not have met you !!! was in no mood to talk etc, good you did not call...

    They say, nothing works better on a bad mood, than spreading it :P

    Tum hamesha kisi ke saath nahin ho sakti, no matter how much you want it or want to :)

    What way re?

    # Ashu...
    Thats a ridiculous comment... STOP spamming blogs just go get hits on yours !!!

  9. Haan pata hai nahi ho sakti, lekin koshish jaroor karti hun hone ki. Isliye tumko bhi bola because you are a friend to me than just another blogger. Anyway, your mood shows up in your posts and comments. Take care. When you feel like talking, call me. Else, chill pill. :-)
    And I don't think your memory should be so bad to just forget your own dailogue in 24 hours "THAT WAY". BYE. huh!!!

  10. good morning... good day :)

    arrey.. mujhe to ye bada wishful day lag raha hai..
    u wished that RR should win the trophy, they did :|

    u told ur blog that u were feeling lonely, and the blogger devta send u an ashu to keep company...

    ab ek din me isse jayada bhagwaan aur kya denge ;)

    i liked ur deadline wala concept... will b waiting fr the follow up post :)

  11. # Mon...
    white flag baba :)

    # Mayuri...
    thank you...

    RR deserved to win !!! sheer effort and the will and wits to do it !!!

    Who is Ashu?

    And I don't ask Bhagwan for anything :) he is one smarty :) always knows what to do just right !!!

  12. same to same feeling here :( was an argument that made me feel all restless and everything seem pointless, and completely confused and clueless about HOW to do what I wanted to do.

    I went to a bookstore, sat in their cafe for 2 hours with all kinds of books, and watched people. So I was kinda alone with my thoughts, and still had company! Liked looking at what everyone else was reading...one group was studying for some management class, someone was reading up about cosmetics and acne (!!!), one group was planning a trip to UK and Germany, a desi was studying java (no !!! here ;), and me..well, I tried reading "If Buddha was married" for a while, and then remembered that the dude WAS married, and chucked it and left his wife and kid, so he's probably got no advice abt it ;)

    was fun :) just looking at ppl living their lives happily gave me some amount of peace...

  13. # Aneri_masi..

    Good you did !!! I am not a book fan so I cannot go and sit in a book shop...

    Par I can still give it a shot sometime :) lets see...

  14. i hardly read anything, it was more for people watching than anything else. to see what various interests the rest of the humanity has! i was tempted to take a few pictures of the people there, mast opportunities bhi thi, but got scared that i'll get thrown out or something!

  15. # Aneri_masi...
    ah... that way :)

    Photo to leni banti hai bhai !!!