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Howzzzzattttt !!!

You want to watch a match... sit in front of the TV...

You want to live a match... go see it live!!!

Bhangra, Screams, Dance, Drums, Fours, Sixes, Bouncers, Wickets, Excitement, Electricity... and lots more I witnessed while Delhi Daredevils won over the Royal Challengers...

Every time a DDD batsman would hit a four or a six, the crowd would just erupt into screams and dance... and I also did practice my dancing skills on the dhol beats standing on the chairs :)
it was quite funny if I think about it now !!!

I don't think if I saw more than 10 overs in all, but I was there throughout and enjoying every second of it... dancing and screaming and jumping all around :)


  1. finally u went there.
    I knw, i mus have been gr8 fun.
    I am trying to catch another one here in bnglr but prices are rising like volcanoes...but its still worth it. isn't it?

  2. the energy is contagious, and the energy and the cheer is what going to a stadium make it worthwhile...as in sports, itz same with music concerts too... :)

  3. Oh never thought watching a live match in stadium can have so much fun....actually i thought watching on TV set is better,as one can see the replay and from all/close angles :)

  4. u lucky bum... i m seriously jealus.......... i so so want to watch the match live myself... it must have been fun rite... nothng that cud be explained in words.... :) how were the cheerleaders

  5. # Ankit...
    you bet i did :) its worth it if you get the right seats... Try and not take a east or a west stand ticket ( they are usually the cheapest) that way you are sitting on the side of the pitch and would not even notice the ball travelling...

    # XH...
    oooohh... its sky high... its tough to catch up with the energy at times i swear...

    music concerts yes !!! i agree... except when its classical music :)

    # Fighter Jet...
    Watching the match is better, yes, on TV... you can watch the proceedings better... but like i said you want to live a match, you have to see it in real.... nothing comes close..

    # Aqui...
    lucky bum kya... go to kyazoonga.com get a ticket and go!! take your office folks along !!!

    no idea about the cheerleaders.. i guess they were 3 of them on two sides of the pitch and far away from me... and honestly they did not really matter... the environment was electric otherwise too :)

  6. Wow!!...i could feel d excitement thru ur post...:) must hv been amazing...

  7. # Bharti..
    arre meri post is not 10% of what it was to be there...

    main aata hoon wahan, ek football match dekhne chalenge !!!

  8. :((

    pehle Anjuli and Suneer ab tum :*(

    wen will i see a match :-/


    it sounded as if u had real fun :D

  9. You will see the day you buy the tickets for...

    RC is not doing well though.. support some other team when you go watch a match !