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FKK !!

I was supposed to be careful !!!

and now I have to be more careful !!!

Looks like a muscle pull was not enough, I had to fall and go through this almost broken shoulder too... FKK FKK FKK !!!! It does not feel like something is broken though... its just some pain !

And guess what, I had been warned about this...


  1. ohh........... take care ... boy... get well soon card bhejuun kya???

  2. When it rains it pours, doesn't it? I know what you are talking about - been through something similar in the last two months. First, I go trekking and come back with a badly twisted ankle, barely able to walk. One week later, I meet with an accident and hurt the same leg all over again. From the moment I thought that I would never get back on my feet again, I am glad to say I am walking now - albeit with a slight limp and excruciating pain every now and then. So, hang in there - things will get better.

  3. # Tanu...
    yes yes.. in flesh and blood :)

    # Emma...
    oh it sure does :)

    Hope you get well soon...

    Hope I get well soon too :)

  4. oops.. take care bro.. the pain will go soon :)

  5. After all those probing questions I asked (mostly about the heavy girl you tried lifting and consequently hurt yourself), I am inclined to advise you something that I almost know you will dis-regard: GO SEE A DOCTOR!

    And I don't want your pathetic defense: It will be ok by itself.

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  7. If you are writing...I hope it is not that bad...But I wish you recover soon....ultra soon

    *Saala, nautanki ghadi ghadi drama karta hai* :-P

  8. take care ji...thoda massage wassage karlo :)

  9. Om, kya kiya tumne? And why din't you tell me yesterday about this when we spoke? Take care...baat karta hai tumse aaj..

  10. First hand experience: Sprains/ cramps/ muscle pull are more painful than a broken bone!! Take care!! :)

  11. # Anoop...
    thanks bro... much better today..

    # Aneri_masi..
    seedi mein

    # Subbu...

    It is much better "by itself" today :)

    # Nitin...
    Thanks for the wishes...

    did not quite apprecaite your use of the hindi dialogue though !!!

    # Anony...
    ji ji..

    # Thatwasit...
    hmm.. generally did not ...

    # Chakoli...

    yupp.. oops :) thanks..

    # Sam...
    will do :) thanks... and welcome to Chai ki Dukaan..

  12. big ouch! and you had been warned, ke seedhi pe phisloge? *scratching_my_head*

    hope you're feeling better now!

  13. oh boy, u didnt say it was this bad!!!

    be careful re n get well soon :)

  14. # Aneri_masi...

    Don't wonder :) I was told that I can fall... I have to be careful :(

    ya much better now... painkillers zindabad :)

    # Mayuri...
    it was :) not "is" :)