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excel-lent day...

110 + emails to start off...

A file with more 16000 rows to be updated with responses...

Now down to a respectable 7 unread emails...

File updated, no errors, all good, Status shared !!!

Life is not that bad !!!

Oh wait... People woke up again... Emails pouring in...


  1. Sounds like corporate office!!! Now, how many email did you send straight to trash?

  2. # Subbu...
    Bro, unfortunately could not send a single one to trash... The activity that I am doing right now is shit loads of manual work which involves collecting some tool related data from 2900 people...

    Requires a lot of patient... :(

  3. sure sounded like loadz of work!

    kudos for bringing the 110 mails to their fateful end, Murari!

    U deserve a T-shop break, ;)

    get goin'

    Cheers, B

    P.S: i need excel lessons from u one of these days. i suck at Excel and managing data!

  4. good work..there~~!

    hey.. i really like yur pic on the sidebar :D

    **thought i did mention **

  5. # Bindiya...
    thanks re... this is a daily practice these days... will continue for atleast another 5 days...

    Tshop break i took :) the real one has not been taken for a few days though..

    # Veens..
    well.. thanks :)

  6. hum aisa karte hai ki ek dtp center khol dete hai...apko accha exp hai so may paisa invest karne taiyar hu :P

    runs to cover :P


  7. # Anony...

    *and runs to the cover to uncover the badmaash*