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Perception = What you communicated (+/-) what you really wanted to communicate (+) what the other person believed...

Now here the variables are What you communicated and what you really wanted to communicate... because if the other person believes something already, it does not matter how you say or what you say... both the first variables are multiplied by zero and the other person's belief stays constant...


  1. Just wanted to be the first one to put a comment. However stupeed that may be :)

  2. Or maybe
    Perception = What you communicated (+/-) what you really wanted to communicate (+) what the other person wants/chooses to believe?

  3. Oh le itna + and - is blog pe!
    maths ni ata humko!

  4. True bro... make that "what the other person believed OR WAS MADE TO BELIEVE". I have first hand experience. Changing a pre-conceived negative perception to a positive one was a herculean task!

    BTW, I am back on blogging!

  5. # Jassi...
    phaaji good to see your profound comment here :)

    # Macadamia..
    hmm... yp...

    # Reeta...
    koi nai... aap wo pad lena jo aapko aasani se samajh aaye :)

    # Subbu...
    yea... it sure is..

    good news :)

  6. some award winning concept again :)

    bahut equations de rahe ho, baat kya hai :)

  7. # Mayuri...

    baat to kuch nahin hai actually...

    par aapko lag rahi hai to, you can knit a story yourself :)

  8. Multiplied by zero...how could it remian constant???

  9. # Chakoli..

    read it again...

    I said the first two things on the RHS are multiplied by zero and the Third thing stays constant :)

  10. yeah.. what otehr person belives or wants to belive... one thing which life thaught me is - never try to change the belife - most fo the time, it si not worth the effort...

  11. yaar ..third variable constant hai submen.. very rare people shut them off and listen.

    "Already Always Listening" is what i name the third variable.