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After a long drive last Sunday, I had fixed myself a quick ( well not so quick too) dinner... A nice cold pasta salad... Had to make a pit stop and buy the Veggies, the Mayonnaise, and Penne Pasta... Did not find all the veggies I wanted but the carrots and bell peppers (Capsicum) was good enough :) I would have loved to eat the yellow and red ones though !!!

and thankfully, it tasted GREAT !!!! might make more this Sunday !!!
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  1. recipe bhej do pls for the consultation feees :)... and subah subah pls khane peene ki baatein maien waise hee dieting per hoon...

  2. the veggies look Nice :)
    now u r a qualified official veggie cutter for life ...



  3. looks sinfully tasty :)

    also try a penne pasta baked in mayonnaise sometime..

    btw... wo dieting ka kya hoga? ;)

  4. I am sorry to crumble your heart... But penna pasta don't go with Mayo... need Alfredo sauce or may be Pesto.

    Sorry... to point out. But I thought may be you could enjoy it much better... I am sure whatever you made must have been delectable but then...its not right italian way ...

    I can send you the recipe... if you would like !

  5. # Aqui.. .
    total bachelor style recipe re...

    Pasta Ubalo...
    thanda karo... thoda sa Mayo mila kar...
    Veggies ko halka sa steam karo so that they are softer, and still crispy...
    Sab kuch thanda karke... mix kar do..
    with mayo.. some nice chilly sauces... and you have nice lovely dinner ready
    ... kuch peene ko rakh lena saath mein :)

    oh.. and i forgot :) I added some chilly flakes and oragano too...

    # Anony...
    LOL !!!

    i know the veggies look nice :) thats why the picture :)

    I wish I could learn to cook a few more things... I would some day..

    # Mayuri..
    oh it was...

    no baking shaking... ekdum healthy style se banaya thaa :)

    dieting gai bhad mein !!

    # Neeku...
    oh trust me it did :) It was AWESOME !!!

    I will try with the sauce that you just mentioned as well though :)

    and there was some Indianization to the entire thing :)

    Send send... let me see if I can manage... but I like it cold !!! so send me something that is for something cold...

  6. modern bazaar hai udhar?????... mere se le lo saari quickie type of recipies... main bahut kaamchor hoon :)

  7. i didnt say the veggie dosent look nice..
    i said you have cut it well so u become the official veggie cutter from now , and u know where :P

  8. :) that veggies sure do looks nice.. u hv cut them very well :-D as for teh salad, i agree with Neeku. try that out, bro :-D

  9. arrey wah!

    kya mast-ly chopped veggies hain Murari. very impressive indeed!

    I'm all for men who can cook. All the best for masterin more 'n more recipes.

    The Me's :)

    P.S: hw bout a pasta stall in the streets of BK - whr u r dying to go. ;D

  10. # Aqui...
    bahut saare bazaar hain :D

    bhej do saari recipies :)

    pata hai mujhe :D

    # Anony..
    they obviously look nice :) when did i say that you said they don't look nice :P

    official veggie cutter... ya ya... good job :)

    # Anoop...
    yea... :) The result was pretty nice :)

    Will sure do... lets see when I get the recipie from her :)

    # Bindiya...
    beta... hum bhi kuch kam nahin hai !!! ye ye !!!

    Pasta stall there !!! wahan kaun khayega pasta, wahan to kuch aur bhookh hi mitai jaati hai !!!

    lol !!!!

  11. aisee baatein publically bolte hain k***** insaan :)

  12. How do you brighten the colours on photoshop the way you do??

  13. # Aqui...

    # Sam...
    There are many ways of doing it, one of the easier ones is:
    1. Add a duplicate layer of the background and give it a multiply effect...
    2. Adjust levels and the transparency of the picture to match your preference...

    Hope it helps...

  14. I'll give it a shot or I'll come to you for lessons!! :P

  15. # Sam...
    Please be my guest :) get your own raw material though :)

  16. colorful khaana!

    hehe, me made penne pasta too, the same day you did. and indianized it as well (my pesto sauce was made of dhaniya patta instead of the parsley its generally made of), and I had garlic and green chillies too :) yummmm...

    i love mayo! I am gonna try using some next time I cook pasta!

  17. # Aneri_masi..
    experiments are good :) do that !!!

  18. oh, i totally love experimenting. but that polar opposite of me that lives in my house, the husband, now he gets scared when i experiment :D

  19. LOL :)

    I am wondering whose side I should be on :)

  20. mine, mine! after all, i am still alive ;)