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Is it Saturday or Sunday !!! I think Sunday !!!

Its a fact that dealing with someone else's issues can be a burden for us individuals more often than not... Over a period of time, we gather more issues that we can ourselves handle, our work, our individual lives, our own social circle (however big or small that is) and ityadi ityadi... and to add to those if someone comes and starts talking about his/her own issues when you are least interested, it only irritates you more !!! Its advisable to be practical and deal with your own issues instead of expecting someone to listen, understand or for that matter even care about it!!!

Having said that, let me digress from the topic for my own selfish reasons...

It was kinda interesting driving for no reason yesterday night... I was under speed limits, driving in proper lanes, listening to my favorite (well for the benefit of not having the real favorites, lets call the current ones favorites) songs, and just being !!!

Finally reached Arobindo's place and stayed put there... Helped !!!

The second fridge at Aro's place, now being used as a repository for Music and Video.. The perfect energy savers !!!

Woke up on time, slept again... went out for another drive :) and this time on the new 6 gear, two wheel Hercules Bike we had recently bought for him !!! and Aro here won a contest of sorts !!! of having more gears with him !!!

Pretty hot outside, but the spirits were as high as the temperature to ride the bike...

My car has just 5 :( and his cycle has 6 !!! Darn !!! I lost !!! But never mind, for some reason he has decided to treat me to Dessert Course in a 5 Star next Saturday. Wonder what got into his mind, but I don't really mind till I get to eat !!! Suggestions please !!!

Later I added all my car + Bike + scooter Gears and tried to win the contest back, but I still lost as he said that we were now talking about maximum gears in one vehicle !!! Darn again ! Never mind !!!

Critical Balance...

I also have a dim-dimata hua thought around cycling which would take me from Delhi to Vrindavan or maybe beyond on Cycles some day !!! It needs to turn into reality soon.... It sure will...

This cycle was there at the shop where we got the tyre pressure fixed...

I left post afternoon as he was having his team lunch at his place, and I was in no mood to speak much !!! On my way back, I again was driving around randomly... enjoying the Delhi roads at my own pace... My car is running out of fuel and I should have taken a specific route to reach the pump, but I don't know why I went into the other direction and forgot all about the fuel !!! Cha !!! never mind... I took a pit stop at India Gate to make a few new friends... Let me introduce them to you before I finito the post !!!

A vendor at the India Gate...

I kinda liked that tree on the bike :) This is when Pankaj decided to jump in and added life to my picture :) very naughty guy !!!

With friends around, its difficult to make a portrait :)

But we can still manage something :)

And the whole gang here ... Pankaj, Kuldeep, Subhash and a few more :)... They sell variety of stuff at the India Gate... do say a hi when you see one of them sometime :)

Every wanted to be in the picture :) and Pankaj as usual at his naughty best !!!

And sincere thanks to Indian Ocean, Sukhvinder Singh, KK, and a few more to be with me throughout !!! :P

Oh... I am getting out of Delhi tonight !!! any suggestions? So far I have just thought of reaching the ISBT and taking a bus towards somewhere !!!


  1. bubblesssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
    i remember walking all around india gate with someone searching for these :D


  2. Hercules sure has more per capita (or is it per car) gears than Palio!

    Make sure you read the small prints right... all I know it could be a "dessert course OF a 5 star" instead of "Dessert Course in a 5 Star"!

  3. I am seriously considering getting myself a bicycle. Can you tell me what model this is?

  4. # Anony...
    hmm :) next time may be...

    # Su bu...

    na na bhai.. le jayega wo :)

    # Emma...
    I am not sure about the model but any cycle store should be able to give you a number of options when you are ready to buy one !!!

    Do not miss visiting a firefox store as well. Its an amazing brand to own...
    Check this out: http://firefoxbikes.com/

  5. Am again taken by the vivacity of your pictures!! :D

  6. # Sam...
    I am glad you liked the pictures :)

  7. never seen a cooler use of a fridge than here... TOO Much.. :)) :) LOL...

    I liked bubbles best.. but other friends were cute too..

  8. # Tanu...
    :) and its a fridge in perfect condition :) Just that there are two in the house and Aro needs only one...

    I loved spending time with these kids :) you are probably only looking at the photos :)

  9. lovely kids, they look warm..
    thank god u managed some pics there else we would nt have realised what u enjoyed at india gate :)

    5 star dessert? ummm.. hyatt's 'sidewalk' is known fr its bakery items.. desserts at the emperor's lounge at taj is also worth a mention...

    lekin, honestly, no 5-srat dessert can match our chandi chawk wale gyani ki kulfi, aro ko bolo ek baar 5star dessert ki jagah utne ki paise mei baar baar kulfi khila de :D
    ( aur itna accha idea dene ke liye 2-4 kulfi mujhe bhi milni chahiye)

    cycling is fun... apne tim timate hue cycling plan ko thodi aur hawa do...aur nikal pado :)

  10. mere ko bhi dilli ghoomni hai, aise hi...ekdum leisurely pace se!

  11. # Mayuri...
    Street food is way way above the 5-star experiences... so lets not even compare :)

    this is an offer for a 5-star dessert, so be it :P

    Also, Chandni chawk can be done anytime... just about anytime...

    Cycle wala idea achcha to hai, par it needs some careful planning and some support... so lets see if I can manage something soonest...

    # Aneri_masi...
    aa jao... ghuma denge...