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no TiMe fOr HiMsELf !!!

He gets up early in the morning... gets ready and rushes for the office to avoid the rush hour traffic... works in the office.. and leaves late to avoid the traffic again..

comes back home, eats dinner or checks his email or watches TV... and then sleeps.. and occasional phone calls from friends as well...

day after day.. week after week... this is what he does...

and now he is thinking.. is that what he wants to do?

is there anytime that he gives for himself everyday?

is he getting away from himself?

is he caught up in rest of the world so much that he might need to just rediscover himself?


  1. Everybody passes thru this phase of life........ but its just a phase which will come and go...... i have been thru it or shall i say going thru it....... just hope like me that it surpasses soon

  2. @ acqui : The phase would not just pass like that.. he would need to actually get up and think about something that he needs to do !!! and he should.. and unlike always.. he would need to keep the momentum going !!!

  3. start some meditation, yoga or body building..it helps when u r passing thru this type of situations.

  4. yeah i think he does need to spend some time with himself or rather for himself.
    its hard to carry on in life if u stop giving yourself some of your own time...if u stop giving yourself importance...if u stop pampering yourself.
    i think all this is essential to have a happy and content life.

    and i'm also sure that he has some ideas to get out of this routine.

  5. Yes! You have been caught up in the rat race, but it is a necessary evil. The trick is finding a balance between the rat race and your normal life. Is"he" wondering if he wants to change careers?

  6. @ ankur : Man... not really keen on any of the three... he is still searching...

    @ bastm : woi to... giving time for himself.. making himself feel important on his own... he is thinking of some ideas... which one to pick... mmm.. maybe i will help him out..

    @ burf : indeed...

    @ ruben : Saw you here for the first time.. welcome :) yes.. he is wondering about a lot of things while trying to find that balance...

  7. Prashy
    yaar tune to meri story chaap di... this makes me think how many of us are out there who pursue the same kind of lifestyle ...

  8. @ lalit : "HE" in the story tu hi to hai :)

  9. Until and unless we make a conscious decision to do something about it...we will be caught in that rat race for our lifes.

    We need to take a decision and start working on it! For the starters read Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki...I am sure it will add a lot value to you and if u are able to implement what he says..Man U are THRU FOR LIFE!

  10. hE is not the only onE...
    m also flEElin' likE hiM
    hE needs to lOOk at others and hE'd find out that hE's better off than million others!!!
    hE needs to relax and hav a one on one session.."hE vs Himself"

  11. @ b :
    i cannot read books... have tried.. but it does not work out for me.. maybe sometime i will...

    @ ankur :
    comparison is not the solution ankur... someone being better does not make him bad... or someone not as good does not make him better... its a situation that he is in... all by himself... and he has to fight that out... himself only... that one-on-one thingie.. makes sense... will ask him to do it...

  12. Comparison is not what i meant to suggest!!!

    He should feel content on what he has achieved already and then go for more!!!
    That is when he'd be able to better plan what he needs to do!(what i think)

    hope i make sence...

    @ B
    what u wrote is...nothin but "TruE"

  13. @ ankur..
    manh.. this is going ina different direction now... the post was not talking about any achievements ankur.. even if i am someone very successfull the chances that i do not give any time to myself are high...

    the subject of this post is only facing that time of his life where he is not able to be with himself... irrespective of what is happening in his professional and/or personal life :)

    what you have said.. though makes proper sense...