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nOt AgAiN !!!

he was listening to his favorite songs.... songs that talked about love.. songs that talked about care.. that talked about care and feelings...

and he could not help but think of the times when he thought he was in love... it brought a smile to his face... and tears in his eyes.. coz he was hurt.. he had been loved and he had loved... but it all ended in pain...

and today, even though he knew being in love made life beautiful, he was not ready to fall in love again....


  1. Love is not planned........ tumhein pata bhi nahi lagega when u will fall in love again, no matter how hard u resist it.

  2. @ aqui : love makes ppl irrational.. and that is why you say it cannot be planned...
    pay some importance to the emotions that come together and make it love.. and then u will realise that u can actually control urself !!!

  3. @ aqui : On a lighter note.. the last time i fell in love was when i saw radha.... and see.. she is with me today....
    it was love at first sight :)

  4. that is the strange thing about love...it brings both happiness and pain to you.and i guess the emotion is complete only when u experience both. it's fortunate to cry in love than never being in love at all.

  5. She just dropped by his blog to check if there's a new post.he was online on another site so they had been chatting there.she had a smile on her face...suddenly the 'funny' smile changed into a 'familiar' smile.she has experienced this many times and can imagine what he must have felt while writing about it.

    but things differ where he says that he is not ready to fall in love again whereas she is patiently waiting for it to happen to her again!

  6. @ Prashant
    Jus a thought:
    ~|| Life as a (W) hole ||~ is jus the apt title 4 ur Blog

    @ Anonymous
    u remind mE of a Frnd...shE thinks jus like u!!!

  7. @ anony : Had my share of tears and the pain.. ab na time hai na inclination.. not that i am looking forward to something perfect to happen to me in the future... but this time.. the head is going to rule the heart...

    @ bastm: he is happy that she came to his page... he is also happy that she is patiently waiting for it to happen to her again...
    he is in love as well... but he loves his work, he loves his car.. he loves his cam.. and a whole lot of other things.. about being in love with a women.. he is going to be one tough nut to crack time...

    he has very li'il left in terms of emotions for ppl actually...

    @ ankur : hehehe.. thanks man.. why do you say that though?

  8. @ Prashant
    Bas bool dala yaar…
    reason veason mat pootch :)
    Everyone can give u a lot if reasons though!!!

  9. u never know buddy when it gonna strike......we all force ourselve to believe that we cant love again or we r not intrested in it.....but does that happen it wont......u need to love again to bury memories of past.....

    love can make a person irrational, love can make a person rational too...i have seen many people making a career just cuz of the fact that they wanted to marry the gal they loved and without a good career they were nowhere......its upto u how u take love......it can make u strong, it can make u weak....depends on u...period.....

  10. @ Deepak : What u say makes sense... i have seen ppl behaving irrationally when they were in love... include me in that list... and i see a lot of live examples around me of ppl who just stop thinking as soon as they start feeling...
    i reallyreally hope that i fall in love again.. and then move stronger towards the bigger challanges of life.. as of now... finding the right person.. and then falling on love... not necessarily in that order is a challange... which i am not really keen on taking head on :)

  11. first of all very pleasent picture of yours:)secondly really liked the way u potrayed emotions.guess its far more easier when we write in third person.as love is not planned,sometimes we don't even know how we fall in love,trying hard to control,still fall or rise...

  12. its crazy more than half of ur posts and comments on them deal with this issue directly or indirectly yet it still remains a big black box,i have even lost the enthusiasm to write on it now...but hope others keep falling and finding their love(s)!!

  13. @ red: yes.. its easier to write in third person.. gives it a different look to myself... and i can look at things from outside them... about love... dekha jayega !!!

    @ anony : I do not know what to say... specially when i do not know who am i talking to !!! it would be great if you leave your name in your comments as well...
    about half of my posts dealing with this issue... well what can i say.. i can go ahead and write whatever i want.. after all its my page.. isn't it?