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MirRoR iMaGe !!!

they met after a long time... how often does it happen that you meet one of your good friends just once or twice in 9 years... and that too just by chance..

finally after a few conversations they met... she was a fast driver.. and he could not catch up... so she waited for him to join her.. and then drive slowly not to loose sight again... all through this time.. they were talking on the phone...

a cafe, two old friends, lots to talk about....

she looked the same like in school... but she had changed.. she had a shell of her own.. and there was no one who could enter that... she did not like to answer any questions, she was not open to any sharing of thoughts and feelings with anyone, she did not want anyone to be bothered about whats happening in her life if they could not do anything about it... she did not need any long talks and conversations... she could just live on her own.. and enjoy and be happy...

and he was scared... it was tough to see someone just like him, sitting in front of him !!!


  1. hey i guess tht show one becomes when u are so engrossed in gaining the material goods of life that u loose the friends that you had made on the way. so even when u meet someone so dear to you at a point of time ur so scared to let ur true self out. happens to me always.

  2. he was scared because he was sitting in front of someone who was just like him !!! he was not sure if there would be any care for his emotions and feelings as a friend even !!!

    @ Anony : yes with time we tend to loose out on the wonderful bonds that we made at some point of time.. not that thebonds become weak or something... but then they loose out on importance slowly because of the life taking different twists and turns...

    and life still goes on....

  3. whats up with u these days ,i somehow am worried reading ur recent he her blog...hope everything is fine
    take care

  4. Man where do u get these things from...the way its written. Its awesome...and don't tell u u go thru everything u write!!!

  5. @ anony : Do not worry.. things are just fine.. thanks for ur concern anyway.... salam namaste :)

    @ bhaskar : thanks Bhaskar... these are just somethings that i saw... i was a part of some... a spectator for the rest... just trying to capture the small incidents of life this way !!! keep reading.. have more coming ur way :)

  6. @ bhaskar : Sure d00d... as and when something happens it will be here....

  7. Life changes u a lot......... even if u dont want to.