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WiTh HiM !!!!

she was with her friends that afternoon... and her boyfriend was with her too.. but he did not know anyone from that group...

he was not sure if he would like being there or not... but she inisisted and he joined her...

she was talking to everyone around... and he was not.. he was quiet.. silent.. and just looking at her at times... careful enough not to make it obvious that he was not comfortable there...

and then... she silently without anyone knowing it... held his hand softly...

she was still talking... he was still silent... but everything had changed !!!


  1. yehhim kaun hai bhai?
    kuch pak raha hai india mein!!!!

  2. @ anony : Story hai... choti si... ek dost ke saath hua thaa... wahi likha hai... him ka naam nai likhunga yahan... her ka bhi nai likhunga...

  3. wish they stay the same..
    and not only them, all of us..

  4. @ Ankur : Yeah God bless them.. they are a good couple !!!

  5. well these small things like holding hands, show that she cared for her even with her frnds,,and was thinking abt him...also that she was not afraid to take his hand infront of all...

    This is a sweet and long relationship...i feel it..

  6. i cudnt control myself from saying this on ankz comment. Cause here both the ppl are in love thats why it was sweet. Had only one person been in this situation then it wud have been a case a social embarassment for the other.

  7. @ Ankz : I feel that its the smallest of things in a relationship that make the maximum difference... this was not a public display of affection, but a silent assurance that she was still around... and he was not alone... just to show that even in her own life and her own world.. he was taken care of...

    @ red : it sure was...

    @ Aqui : what u said makes sense... depends on how much one appreciates a PDA...

  8. I could not have put it in such a sweet manner....have to say i am impressed not by your writing style but your observation.

  9. @ Kanika : Thanks Kanika, the incident was really sweet to witness... just could not stop myself from putting it here !!!

  10. Gals love pda but then how many guys do :))))))))