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LoNg WeEkEnD aHeAd !!!

I am home :(

if everything had worked out right i would have been driving to Kausani at this hour... and i think should have been somewhere near Bhimtal !!! but the plan failed.... ppl kept backing out.. for reasons which are valid !!! so no issues... actually there are... i really really wanted to go on this long drive... was thinking of it for a long time.. par kya karen !!!!

sometime later.... i am sad that a long weekend.. which is not too common is going waste.... but then on second thoughts.. i am thinking of doing a few things...

~ Read The Alchemist. and probably "The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari" as well !!!
~ Watch The Game, and Bourne Identity ( bought these movies long time back but could not watch )
~ spend the Independence Day in front of the TV.. Star One would show two of my favorite serials the entire day.... Khichdi and the Great Indian Laughter Challange...
~ and just rest !!!

lets see how it goes... abhi to... am ready to go to my Mama's place.. about 60 odd kms away from home... in Bulandshahr.... the thought of driving on the NOIDA-Greater NOIDA Expressway is exciting... getting up at 0500 hours was a pain though...


  1. its a long weekend here too,15th is a national holiday here in france also though not for our independence day,and i too am just going to be home,sometimes i hate these long weekends...
    u have fun

  2. I am missing this long week end. For this is our Independence day and I am not in India so will miss it....Watching Prime Misiter unflur the National Flag.....those flying kites with friends and family and having beer along with it :-)

  3. happy independence day!!!...red

  4. @ Neha : I am having my share of fun this long weekend.. hope u enjoying it too....

    @ Manish Bhai : Canedda mein its going to be different yes.. but u keep the India Spirit Alive... HAve fun sir ji....

    @ Red : Same to you hai ji.. though i am not one of the die hard India Fans !!!

  5. Hope you had a good time over the weekend.... and sorry for being one of those who failed your program. Had things been in my hand wud have never let this happn.

  6. sorry prash... I was also one of the culprits... i dunno wat to say about it.. lekin... the day we had to leave for naini even our cabwala didn't turn up so we left by our cars... it turned out to be a blessing in disguise...

    956 Kms on wheels... amzaing...it was...

    we will make another program shortly

  7. @ Aqui : the time was good... did some thinking.. some driving... some designing... some reading... so watching tv.. actually lots of TV... and some surfing...

    @ Aseem : I would be lying if i said it was ok... it was not, coz i was dissapointed... and i am sad that i could not be the one who drive 965 kms... about the next program... i am going to the Valley of Flowers again on the 16th of September... the itenary is present at this location : "http://www.savefile.com/files/3723521"... but its good u enjoyed... after what u had told me.. this trip meant a lot to u.. am glad that you had a good time !!!

    about the other plan..i might drive to kausani in October !!! will plan it and let u know !!! i am thinking of a break every month starting september :) lets see if i am lucky enough to manage that !!! God Bless me !!!