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nEw pRoFiLe !!!

Outta there... yes... i felt kinda releived to be out of the team i was working in for the past one year... no.. i liked the work.. it was the manager... i read somewhere, that its not the companies that people leave.. its because of the supervisors that people tend to leave their current jobs.. and time and again this is proved right by the managers !!!

in the new profile that i am in.. i take care of the quality in a helpdesk.. not something that i really wanted to do as a part of my walk towards my career goals.. but it happened. and i think i can make a difference here...

i guess.. i will work here till i can... keep studying and researching about what i want to do.. and move out at the right time... God Bless me... this is going to be one difficult phase... not as difficult as working with the wrong boss... but still !!!

am walking..........


  1. finally...... change a part of life sometimes planned and sometimes unplanned...... but atleast your wait is over now you know where you stand which team you belong to....all the best for your new role/assignment....... i m sure you will prove yourself worth in this task as you have done before.
    i know if had the option u wud'nt have opted for this profile..... but may be its a blessing in disguise and may be this turns out to be anothr learning opportunity for you.
    Anyway best of luck for this phase i m sure u will pass this with flying colours.
    take care

  2. @ aqui : Yeah.. i will move out after i earn some respect for what i do here !!! lots of things to do.. and i am game for that hard work its going to take !!!

  3. kewl

    gud luck for it and everything

    enjoi :D


  4. u will do fine..sometimes we underestimate the opportunites that come our way..make hay while the sun shines...make the best out od every situation..u may still not come out witht he best but atleast u tried!!
    good luck

  5. @ anony : yea... i am trying... am sure will do well here !!! but then... this is not really my aim... will have to look around for where i fit in...

  6. mE goin through the same phase yaar
    ek taraf to its a relief of not workin with ur old boss anymore but.. the flip side is that u miss alot of ppl who u liked workin with(old team mates) ...mixed feelings
    Gd luck

  7. @ Ankur : Mera flip side kuch aur hai... i miss the profile that i was working... mixed feelings here too